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Monday, December 31, 2018

Familiar Face: Living Waters (O.Y.T. Records, 2001)

Another obscure male 4-piece group that I've never heard of before and a mixture of contemporary R&B, gospel, modern soul and a few club tracks. The lead singer and producer Wendell Noble was previously the lead singer of The Joneses (later The Platters) and has a classic soul tenor vocal range (another member Ramon Nobel may also have been a member of the former although I don't know for certain.) Though Noble's vocals more than compliment the gospel and modern soul on this album, I don't know as if he's really suited to contemporary R&B music. No mention of this particular endeavor appears anywhere in his biography. 

Break It Down 4:07
Love Song 5:20
Recipe 4:53
I Can't Wait To See You Again 4:32
Magical Love 6:06
Can I Get A Witness 4:15
Go For It 4:29
Can't Wait 4:29
Give Me A Try 4:13
Heavenly Love 4:18
Break It Down (Club Mix) 6:20
Recipe (Club Mix) 5:22

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Courtney Dennie: Bliss (DH Productions, 2005)

More obscure R&B from out the UK with Courtney Dennie, a former backing vocalist and writer and producer with major label connections (Joe, Jodeci, Keith Murray and many others he's worked with.) From the grime influences of "Cancel The Budget" to the orchestral samples in "Dirty Storm" to the smooth "quintessential" male balladeerring of  "Lady" and  his style is a mixture of hip hop, contemporary R&B and neo soul with light, melodic vocals. Sadly it doesn't appear as if he's done much since, despite being tipped to perform at Live Aid back in 2005, but is still on Sound Cloud where he seeks to "create", "unite" and "inspire" through sound. 

Intro 1:32
Cancel The Budget 4:04
Honey Child 4:12
Cant't Live Without You 2:54
Colder By The Flame 4:00
Dirty Storm 3:13
Ain't No Thing 3:35
Lady 4:02
Mo Fish's 3:01
Superficial Life 3:36
Sky's The Limit 3:44
Miracles 3:41

Friday, December 21, 2018

Deon (AKA Dion "Deion" Jenkins): Don't Stop (R&B Music Entertainment, 2004)

Featuring production from DJ Hi-Tek, here is another find from the crates in and around Virginia Beach and hails from Falls Church, VA. Smooth early 2000s R&B at its best, the artist himself actually hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and is nowadays known by his actual name Dion or Dieon (Jenkins.) He's worked with The Game, 50 Cent and other prominent rappers in the early 2000s and was once signed to Aftermath Entertainment (although his album was not released.) He also worked with Hi-Tek on an album that allegedly went unreleased although I am uncertain if any of the songs ended up here. His latest EP "Time Wasted" can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and all but 1 of the tracks are lifted from here. Sadly despite his level of professionalism and being linked with many high-profile rappers and producers, he is yet to release an actual solid album. Time Wasted for this talented guy for sure. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution and as always to our Virginia Beach dude for finding it. 

The Call 1:45
Heartbreaker 1:54
Messy 5:28
Tell Me 3:34
Certified 4:34
No Games 4:49
You Never Told Me 4:39
Wide Open 1:22
Overdose 4:09
Don't Stop 4:50
Grounded 5:22
The Last Call 1:22

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Steelo & Ayel: More obscure European groups

Courtesy of Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets, two more obscure European (Dutch) R&B groups and duos that seemingly never went beyond one single. The first one "Steelo" I originally posted back in May and features Dutch hip hop artist Statboogie while the second (duo) were produced by some of the people behind ex-Dignity vocalist Edsilla Rombley. Both are from the late 90s with Steelo having more of a mid-90s European R&B sound (a la Cutfather & Joe) while Ayel is more early 2000s Americanized urban crossover stuff. Not quite as refined as the majors Dignity and Juice (they do sing with a slight accent in places) but nevertheless good vocals and production on both tracks.

Blue Soul, 1997
Do Me Like That [Radio Mix] 3:31
Do Me Like That [Street Mix] 3:50

TWF Music, 1999
Ya Makin' Me [Radio Mix] 3:34
Ya Makin' Me [RAyel Mix] 3:51

Friday, December 14, 2018

Smiley: Betcha Didn't Know (VLS) (Jewels Records, 200x)

Hardcore hip hop and R&B from Smiley, a female MC from Detroit who was mostly active between 1989-1983. She was known for her single "Smiley But I'm Not Friendly" and became the first female rapper from the town to receive a gold plaque. She was also known for her popular local video show The Smiley Show, which ran for 7 years. I don't know much about this particular recording by her but B-side has an almost garage house vibe with spoken word vocals and ad-libs throughout. The slowed down remix then turns it into a smooth R&B track and has different lyrics altogether and additional vocal refrains. A versatile artist who raps and sangs! Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Betcha Didn't Know    3:33
You Ain't Tippin' Me    3:51
You Ain't Tippin' Me [V.I.P. Mix]    4:00

iCandi: Can't Believe (Promo VLS) (Urban Street/So Famous Ent., 2003)

More unknown R&B from a Midwestern female duo comprised of Yolanda "La La" Brown and Loree Marzett aka iCandi. Very synonymous with music from that era with Beyonce-esque vocals and embattled subject matter, "Can't Believe" is a mid tempo  joint while the Souther-nish "Ooh Wee" was produced by Midi Mafia as per the shout-out at the beginning. I don't know much about them as a duo but Brown was apparently tipped for big things - she featured on the track "L.I.F.E." by Lyfe Jennings in 2006 - but sadly thereafter was the victim of homicide with her then-boyfriend at a studio in Wisconsin.

Can't Believe 3:45
Can't Believe (Instrumental) 3:52
Ooh Wee!  3:39
Ooh Wee! (Instrumental)3:39

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rita Mosley: S/T (RM313° Entertainment, 1998)

Prior to  "Sin City" and "Unleashed", Detroit native Rita Mosley released the above album - which I am presuming was her first - in the late 90s. Despite obscurity, it is a solid album with only the remix of "Freak-N" being something I probably could pass on. A blend of smooth 90s R&B and Sade-esque neo soul, it's not mentioned anywhere online but as per Discogs it yielded one single, the double-A-Side "Freakin'"/"Motown Funk" in 1998.

Motown Funk 3:02
Freak N (Featuring Pimpeht) 3:34
My Love -N- 3:37
You Are The One! 5:06
Check It Out 4:01
People Change 3:34
Whatever Happened? 4:03
Life 3:17
Nightcap 4:13
Better Days 4:07
Freak N (Re-Mix) 4:17

Monday, December 3, 2018

Shawn: Demo EP (VPT Productions & Entertainment, 2006)

Obscure 6-track demo from an artist that I cannot find anything about but style is mature mid-2000s modern soul/contemporary R&B with a "live band" feel. The company VPT Productions & Entertainment still appears to be active and are a management firm and talent booking agency from the Atlanta, GA area. I don't know if this is an earlier incarnation of the same artist of not but does an amazing rendition of Jennifer Holidays "And I Am Telling You."

 Is This My Romeo ft. BZ    4:47
Your Mother And Me    4:59
And I Am Telling You    4:16
A Woman Now    4:59
Your Mother And Me [Club Mix]    6:25
Outro    0:33

Kerie AKA QT Browne: Holla At Me (Promo EP) (Krystal Key Entertainment, 2006)

Beyonce-esque R&B from New York songstress Kerie Cooper (AKA QT Bronwe) who initially started her career playing keyboards for R&B group Playa and Oakland-based rapper Richie Rich in the mid to late 90s. It reached no 2 on the urban indie chart and did well on the NY mixtape circuit but I don't know if a follow-up or her purported album was ever released.

Holla At Me 3:46
Holla At Me - Instrumental 3:46
Holla At Me - A Cappella 3:38
Only About You 3:19

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Jewelz: Demo EP (Third Eye Records, 200x)

Another good find from our Virginia Beach source, a 3 track demo from an unknown female artist or possibly a group "Jewelz" and supposedly found with a bunch of CDs from a local label Third Eye Records from 'back in the day.' There's nothing to be found about it anywhere but the style is early 2000s contemporary R&B in the vein of Destiny's Child, Mya and others from that era. Many thanks again to said guy and to Stuaaart for sending it my way.

Approximate titles given.

Whatever It Takes    3:49
Walk Away    2:57
He's So Good To Me    2:33

Friday, November 23, 2018

Flynn Pickens: No Room For Space (CDM) (Ray Records, 1993)

A further rare find from our Virginia Beach guy, an independent modern soul artist in the style of Luther Vandross and hailing from Chattanooga, TN. I don't know anything about him but he later went on to play bass for fellow Chattanoogan Wilson Meadows. He now plays bass for local area group Love, Peace & Happiness Band. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for sending it my way. 

No Room For Space [Urban Mix] 4:51
No Room For Space [Instrumental] 4:51
No Room For Space [Acoustic Mix] 4:55
No Room For Space [Rock Mix] 4:44

Ty Black: Foregasm (Promo EP) (Red Pepper Music Group Inc., 2002)

Possibly the best thing our guy has found for us this year and up there with the best we've found in the crates so far such as 3 'Til 3, Single and Unda Presha.... a local artist demo from (I am guessing) Virginia Beach featuring 7 smooth tracks. A mixture of late 90s and early 2000s contemporary R&B and smooth, sensual "quintessential" male ballads, the production and vocals are extremely professional but sadly along with the music group he belonged to, he appears to have no online presence whatsoever. No doubt this was just a local artist demo with only a few ever made but reminds us somewhat of Tank, Tyrese etc. Many thanks again to our guy and of course to Stuaaart for sending it my way. 

Prelude 1:40
Tell Me 3:50
Whatever 4:42
Straight To Your Heart 6:05
Lover 3:36
Hands Of Time 5:15
Nothing To Say 3:48

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Zakiya: 7 Track Album Sampler (Promo CDr) (Seven Universal, 1999)

Touted as the next Brandy, Zakiya was signed to the A&M distributed DV8 Records in the mid-90s and released two singles (Love Like Mine & My Love Won't Fade Away) and an album. She had minimal success and a follow-up project was eventually shelved by the label after only one single. Sadly only this 7-track sampler (which was only ever pressed in the UK) and a further 12" featuring one other song are in existence. The style is predominantly smooth R&B with G-Funk and even some disco influences. Slightly out-dated when compared to the new style of R&B that was emerging in the late 90s but still a lost gem nevertheless...


One More Time 3:47
Easy Lovin' You 4:12
Miss Me (You're Really Gonna) 4:42
Meditate 5:51
Baby (Don't Call Me) 5:05
Lovely 5:43
Get Wit You 3:58

Earth Gyrlz: Fully Equipped (Promo Cassette) (Capitol Records, 1995)

A further unreleased project from the 90s and not surprising, another female group. Brooklyn, NY natives, they released one single "Love Of Mine" which despite getting 172 spins at 24 radio stations on the week leading up to its release, only managed a mediocre placing in Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart at the end of 1995. A blend of jazz-infused R&B harmonies and smooth hip hop grooves, their failure was probably due in part to the label's insistence that they be an "album-driven group", focusing not so much on singles and being in no hurry to "pull out all the stops." Their album "Fully Equipped"went unreleased despite being as good - if not better - than similar albums by other more popular groups at the time. In addition to the top level production, another strong suit was definitely their close five-part harmonies. A lost gem for sure.


Got To Be Real 5:02
Fully Equipped 5:04
You're So Sexy 5:32
Love Of Mine 5:09
Do It Up Brown 5:10
Givin' Up The Good Lovin' 5:08
All I Want From You 4:25
What Would You Do 4 My Love 4:55
Come Into My Heart 5:26
Shower You With Love 6:04

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Daymian Keys: Got It Goin' On (Maxi Single) (Aklaim Records, 199x)

A further obscurity from the South that I cannot find any information on... the date of release is unknown but guessing early 90s at the very least judging by the hybrid rap/New Jack Swing sound on the title track and funk accents on the flip side. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the heads up.

Got It Goin' On 4:18
Got It Goin' On (Instrumental) 4:20
Give U My Heart 3:35
Give U My Heart (Instrumental) 3:33

Monday, November 5, 2018

4ore Playe: You And Your Attitude (VLS) (TCA Records, 1989)

Courtesy of our man in Virginia Beach, a 3 trax top level New Jack Swing and one of the few 12"s he has found of this genre. They hail from Staten Island, NY and appeared to be associated with fellow Staten Islanders Force MD's. I don't know if they ever did anything else but the label Trans Caribbean and American productions Inc. put out a handful of releases in the late 80s including a further obscure hip-hop duo People's Choice. I don't know much about them unfortunately but one member it seems (Ramsey "Nate" Shearnin) later on went on to write for R&B singer Freddie Jackson (1999). Many thanks once again to our guy in Virginia and as always to Stuaaart for his continued contributions

You Know You Drive Me Crazy [Radio Mix]    4:56
You Know You Drive Me Crazy [Street Beat]    5:02
You Know You Drive Me Crazy [Instrumental Mix]    4:49
You & Your Attitude [Vocal Mix]    4:33
What Goes Around Comes Around [Radio Mix]    4:37
What Goes Around Comes Around [Instrumental]    4:37
You & Your Attitude [Radio Mix]    4:22
You & Your Attitude [Dub Mix]    4:39

Saturday, November 3, 2018

All The Elements: Believe In Love (Promo VLS) (Clockwize Promotions, 200x)

Further unknown R&B with All The Elements, a female group or duo with Latin flava and a lot of soul. The A-Side is a gorgeous slow jam but the  B-Side sounds slightly unfinished with just ad libs from the group and male shout-outs over a fast-paced Latin Hip Hop beat. I cannot find any information about them or any of the people involved but they appeared to be based out of NYC as from the phone numbers given.

Believe In Love 3:27
Believe In Love (Instrumental) 3:32
Buenicima 5:01
Buenicima (Instrumental) 4:19

Friday, November 2, 2018

Slinkey: Freak Show/Diggin' The Day (Promo VLS) (Good Game Entertainment, 2002)

More early 2000s indie from a male artist Alfonso "Slinkey" Blake allegedly sentenced to death for a double homicide in Las Vegas in 2004 (citation needed.) The style - thug R&B - reminds me somewhat of this artist here although the A-side is more spoken word/rap. I won't go into detail about his crimes - however heinous they are - but he appeared to have quite a bit of potential, especially as a vocalist.

Freak Show 3:44
Freak Show (Instrumental) 3:38
Freak Show (Acappella) 3:40
Diggin' The Day 3:52
Diggin' The Day (Instrumental) 3:52
Diggin' The Day (Acappella) 3:41

Monday, October 29, 2018

Monica, Total & Brandy - 45-King Remixes (Promo VLS) (200x)

Further unofficial hip hop remakes from the 45-King of popular R&B hits from yesteryear and circulated on a series of bootleg vinyls during the early 2000s. As with the previous ones I posted some years back, they mostly incorporate loops and samples from various little-known soul/funk songs from the 50s and 60s. Again, it's good to hear a different spin on these notable tracks; aside from Aaliyah (not posted) and Total which received the full remix treatment from the Bad Boy camp, none of them ever had any proper remixes commissioned.

Just Another Girl (Promo VLS) (200x)
The 45-King Remix 3:07
Instrumental 3:02
Original Street Vocal 3:18 (aka LP Version)
Instrumental 3:19

Sittin' Home 2000/On Top Of The World 2000 (Promo VLS) (The Record Co., 200x)
Sittin' Home 2000 (45-King's Hip Hop Remix Vocal)    3:53
Sittin' Home 2000 (Instrumental)    2:33
Top Of The World 2000 (45-King's Hip Hop Remix Vocal)    4:23
On Top Of The World 2000 (Instrumental)    2:25

Friday, October 26, 2018

Christina Milian: Mixtape Milian (Bootleg Vinyl EP) (2006)

Possibly from the same camp as Mariah's erroneous Def Jam promos (see bellow), former Def Jam artist Christina Milian gets a bootleg featuring a collection of remixes + rarities. Sadly Milian's time in the spotlight has been brief over the years (her debut album wasn't even released in the U.S. and her third album "So Amazin'" was passed up in favor of label mate Rhianna and her "Umbrellas" in 2006) but what with all the unreleased material that she has, she has etched out quite a resume for herself. Her first official album in the U.S. was 2004's "It's About Time", which was a lot maturer than her bubble-gum pop-infused debut and aimed more at R&B fans. The reverse side of this EP

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mariah Carey: The Greatest Unreleased Tracks Vol. 3 (Bootleg Vinyl Comp) (2008)

The long awaited third record in the series featuring rare & unreleased tracks and remixes by Miss Mariah Carey. Again these are not official Island Records 12"s but bootlegs masquerading as promos. Aside from the remixes of "Don't Forget About Us" and "Through The Rain", the rest of the remixes featured seem to originate from unofficial mixtapes, most notably "Baby Be Mine" , which is actually a Dipset remix of "Your Girl" , and "Oh Boy" , which is a remix of the B-Side track "Secret Love." A further unofficial remix is that of "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" which most likely originated from

Mariah Carey: The Greatest Unreleased Tracks Vol. 2 (Bootleg Vinyl Comp) (2008) [RE-POST]

Here is the second record in the serious featuring an assortment of remixes and rare tracks from the one and only Mariah Carey. Aside from perhaps tracks 2 and 6, there aren't any true 'unreleased' tracks here, just mostly rare-ish remixes and a b-side track from the Daydream era (Slipping Away.) The two unreleased tracks are an unreleased remix of Touch My Body done by long-time collaborator DJ Clue? and a feature with N.O.R.E. and Big Pun from 2006. The remix of Touch My Body features Clue's typical piano-driven riffs though it does sound slightly off-key in

Mariah Carey: The Greatest Unreleased Tracks Vol. 1 (Bootleg Vinyl Comp) (2008) [RE-POST]

Bootleg vinyl from Carey masquerading as an official promo and again featuring rare remixes and b-side tracks from mostly her Islands Records back catalog. Again, none of the tracks are really unreleased, except for perhaps track 1 Side Effects (Remix) and which is basically identical to the album version but features a verse from Busta Rhymes instead of Young Jeezy. I don’t know if it is official or not. The song was never officially released as a single but did chart at number ninety three on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Other official remixes include the “love/hate” remix of Touch My Body featuring The-Dream and the So So Def remix of Bye Bye featuring Jay-Z. Again, both use

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Triquetra: Promo EP (200x)

More urban pop with Triquetra , a semi-independent all-female trio out of the UK whose only single, a cover of Kayrn White's 1998 single "Superwoman," made a small impact on the UK urban + club charts in 2006. Although not 100% sure, I don't think it ever went beyond the radio play stage and a follow-up "Half The Time" appeared to have been pulled from release as well with only a 1-trk promo seemingly in existence. While "Superwoman" seemed to be very Atomic Kitten-ish, the rest of the tracks here take on a slightly more urban-y appeal, notably "Get Down" which sounds not unlike a Scott Storch production from back in the day. All I am guessing were to appear on their album "The Power Of Three As One" which appears to not have been released.

Half The Time    3:42
You, Me And She    4:06
Superwoman    4:05
Get Down    4:20

Friday, September 28, 2018

Blaque: Blaque Out (Promo CDr) (Trackmasters/Columbia, 2001)

A first rate effort from Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez former group and sadly shelved by the label Columbia in 2001. I don't know the exact reason but the lead single "Can't Get It Back" (produced by Salaam Remi) barely scraped Billboard's Top 100 Hip Hop/R&B chart. Sadly UK R&B group Mis-Teeq's version (recorded the following year) was probably more well known. Featuring production from Remi, Dallas Austin, Full Force and Jasper Cameron, it had slightly more street cred than their first

Thursday, September 27, 2018

SX4: Hip-Pop Music For The New Millennium [EP] (Self-Released, 1999)

A further demo from a Los Angeles-area group (originally named SupremeTimes4) and a mixture of urban crossover R&B and dance-pop with a TLC-meets-3LW-meets-Girls Aloud kind of vibe. They released an album in 2004 as a threesome titled "Stay The Night" which may or may not have been preceded by two other volumes which, as of now, don't appear to exist anywhere. They were most likely only ever available on the street or given out at live shows. They previously had two songs featured on Kool & The Gang's Gangland compilation album and sung back-up for them at live performances. I don't know for certain but I believe they are of Filipina descent. 

Track 4 is a slightly altered cover of The Gap Band's song of the same name

Hit Me On The Hip 3:58
Playa 3:20
What's The Deal 4:18
Early In The Morning 3:21
Express 4:30
Groove Thang 3:52

Monday, September 24, 2018

Jay Mathis: Demo (High Velocity Entertainment, 2004)

From the same camp as For Eternity and Karisma, another failed project from Chicago's High Velocity Entertainment and, not surprising, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. A white guy, he was one of many artists that Jerkins produced in the early 2000s era along with Rhona Bennett and female group So Plush. I don't know if he was ever signed to his Darkchild label but evidently this project never went beyond the demo stage. It is pretty much synonymous with much of Jerkins' work back then with a few tracks such as "Kiss" sounding not unlike something Robin Thicke might've recorded later on. Not the best sound on some tracks sadly but definitely one to add to the many doomed projects from once in-demand producer Jerkins. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution. 

(You Got Me) Aroused 3:42
I Feel The Same Too 4:06
(I Don't Want To) Hurt No More 3:34
Right Place, Wrong Time 4:00
Remember Me (No More) 4:15
Kiss ft. Fats, Rodney Jerkins & PAIN 3:41
Leftovers 3:47
Remember Me (No More) [Late Edit] 4:15
(You Made) A Fool Of Me 5:29
If You Wanna 3:35
This Is The Last Time 3:41
It's Not So Easy To Love 4:44
(Get Back) To Love Forevermore 4:12
Track 14 1:14 (Vocal snippet)
Track 15 1:25 (Vocal snippet)

Amber Houston: Can't Take No More (Izreal Records, 2004)

Another rare find from our guy in Virginia Beach and from Memphis, TN. The artist was part of a group of Memphis female artists called Diamond Dolls Elite Entertainment Sorority Inc which also included the female rapper Queen on track 2. Sadly I don't know much about the above artist but she was only 15 years old when the album was released and had at least one local single "Thru Wit It." Fortunately both her voice and the content belies her young age. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution. 

Intro    1:25
Don't Hate featuring Queen    5:00
Thru Wit It    4:29
Can't Take No More    4:54
A Message From Amber    4:19
Rather Be Alone featuring Doramus    5:34
Tempting    4:49
One Wish    4:28
DDE Celebration    4:18
Outro    1:25

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mona J: Through My Eyes (Self-Released, 2000)

Another rare find from our Virginia Beach source and recorded as a tribute to her late husband who was tragically lost due to gun violence. Hailing from Williamsburg, VA, her music is a mixture of modern soul and contemporary R&B with classic soul vocals a la Diana Ross. She is not the same artist as on CD Baby who hails from the Midwest. Many thanks to Stuaaart for the continued contributions and to our Virginia Beach dude for continuing to find them for us!

So Let Me Love You 4:22
Something About You 3:52
Through My Eyes 5:48
My Every Line 4:07
Can We Start Over 4:32
Emergency 3:53
Trying To Go On 3:41

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jameisha Trice: S/T (Promo CDr) (Kingston's Groove, 2006)

Early project from Steve 'Silk' Hurley's current protegee Jameisha Trice, which is vastly different from the EDM that she is known for these days. Recorded in 2006, the style is early-to-mid 2000s contemporary R&B akin to early Beyonce, Ciara and others like them ("Belly Dancer" definitely has a "Baby Boy" vibe going on don't you think?) The contact phone number gives out a Washington DC phone number but the artist herself I believe is based out of Chicago which is why she is now signed to Hurley's label. Formally she was known for the underground hit "Quit Doggin' Me Out" as Meisha and released a self-titled album on an independent label. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the continued contributions.

I Say I 3:56
50 50 4:13
Loneliness Away 3:42
Buckwild 3:38
Lust 3:48
Belly Dance 3:44
Love Song 3:46

Monday, July 30, 2018

Hexcite: Want This Money (Hexcite Records, 2002)

A further compilation from Decatur Georgia featuring a selection on hip hop and R&B artists on local label Hexcite Records. The album's producer Troo Kulu (or T.R.O.O.K.U.L.A.) formally appeared with Heavy D and Biggie on the 1994 CD "NBA Jam Session" and was a member of two groups 3rd Eye and Brainwash2000 (the latter of which is featured on this CD as Brain Wash.) Other acts that appear include Thick N Thin (hip hop), Talisa (R&B), Josiah (R&B) and Marzette (R&B.) Talisa is "ne'er do well" contemporary R&B while the male artists Josiah and Marzette are soulful 90s R&B at its best. None appear to exist anywhere else.

Talisa - Begin Again 4:22 (R&B)
Josiah - Pain 3:15 (R&B)
Thic N. Thin - Krunck 4:53
Brain Wash - Set It 2:40
Marzette - Make You Mines 3:39 (R&B)
TK - Talking To Caller ''Skit'' 0:35
Josiah - Why 4:57 (R&B)
Thic N. Thin - Blowed Up 3:47
TK - Taking Calls ''Skit'' 0:24
Brain Wash - Get Up 3:47
Talisa - Can't Believe 2:44 (R&B)
T.K. - Talking To Pumpkin ''Skit'' 0:19
Brain Wash - Wan This Money 3:40

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Urban Phlavors Vol. 1: From The Studios (MRC Musyc, 1999)

As confirmed by my rather short-lived "Virginia Crate Digging" section, there is a ton of great R&B to be found in the Mother State if you go out and look for it: home-grown acts (Sesil & Lujon, Ultimate Pleazure and many more featured here) many who moved there from other States (Tracey McLeichey, Red) and bits and pieces from the surrounding areas such as Single and Unda Presha. Sadly I have nothing else new to add to this list for the foreseeable but here is a local hip hop/R&B compilation featuring teenage urban artists from the Music Resource Center, a community-run recording studio outta Charlotsville, VA. The R&B is mostly female and very 90s underground sounding. Highlights include the upbeat "Keep On Dancin'" by April Taylor and a female group (or duo) named Lyric who appear to be separate from the three groups by that name I have already posted here. All tracks were written, recorded and produced by local teenage members.
The Music Resource Center (aka. The Studios) is a Teens-Only program where students enrolled in 7th -12th grades can come to write and play music, take lessons, and make recordings. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Music Resource Center has been giving teens access to its music studios since 1995.
Terrie Godfrey with Slim B. - You Make Me Smile    3:40 (R&B)
Nostradamus - Fall From Grace    3:07
Merevedi - Perfect Assassins    6:05
Merevedi - Caliente    3:59
Slim B. - Papi    5:05
April Taylor - Forever And A Day    4:45 (R&B)
April Taylor - Keep On Dancin'    3:41 (R&B)
Kevin Monroe - High Expectations    3:14 (R&B)
Rafael Oliver - Reminiscence    3:20
Rikki Johnson - Realize    5:29 (R&B)
Lyric - Love Will Bring You Home    3:31 (R&B)
Lyric - Baby    3:33 (R&B)
Terrie Godfrey - The Real Thing    3:21 (R&B)
Various - Phat Godizm    4:59
Various - Represent    4:27

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Blaque Ammo Recordz: The Album Vol. 1 (Blaque Ammo Records, 2001)

From Black Majik to Blaque Ammo, a mix of contemporary R&B and hip hop from New York City. I don't know anything about the artists involved but the main feature Candice Vendetta is a singer and a rapper. Her style of R&B reminds me slightly of DC meets MJB; she definitely has that "independent lady" thing going on. The other artists are primarily rap but one artist (H. Lee) does a contemporary blues-style track that is quite decent. The way it is sung, sort of like he is telling a story, reminds me somewhat of R. Kelly. Thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution!

My Own 3:31
Leave Me Alone 3:21
Newthang 3:19
No Love 4:00
Kings For Life 3:33
Betta Than Yours 4:43
There He Go 3:20
Improve Ya 3:12
Unh, Huh 4:07
Hot Ta Death 4:43
Run 4:07
Knock 2:56
Never Forget My Face 2:27

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 9 & 10 feature Candice Vendetta
Tracks 4, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 feature H. Lee
Tracks 7 & 10 feature T.I.N.Y.
Tracks 5, 6 & 10 feature B. King

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Black Majik Entertainment Presents: Sumin' Serious Vol. 1 (CD Comp) (Black Majik Entertainment, 2002)

From The South, another compilation featuring a host R&B/Rap artists that you won't find anywhere else. Reppin' the rap side is Tre South while Andrea Mathews, Chyrsti Fuller and Cecil Jackson perform a selection of smooth R&B cuts. Tre South (comprised of Maniak, Lo Breeze and Bo Bo) perform an early incarnation of what would later be known as Trap music (10) but are mainly a pretty standard rap fair. The tracks by Mathews (4 in total) are undoubtedly the best of the R&B side. No information found on anybody but all came from South East Georgia respectively (Vidalia, Jesup, Bristol, Baxely and Hinesvile.)

Intro 1:58
Whatever It Takes 4:10
Crazy 4:22
Out Of My Mind 4:24
Respect 3:52
Tonight 5:27
Buckle Up 4:46
Escalade 4:25
Hold On 3:06
Crazie (Out Of My Mind) 4:24
Stress 4:12
Changing My Life 5:06
Like The Way 5:09
Negative Tension 4:24
Lick 'Em Low 4:39
Get Out Of Da Way 3:24
Redrum Aftermidnite 5:12
Shout'Tro 3:48

Tracks 2, 4, 12 & 15 performed by Cecil Jackson
Tracks 3, 6, 7 & 13 performed by Andrea Mathews
Tracks 5, 8 & 11 performed by Chyrsti Fuller
Tracks 9, 10, 16 & 17 performed by Tre South

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Brownzville: S/T (Metisoul Entertainment, 1998)

Denver, Colorado isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think of quality R&B music but I have found quite a few good artists from there over the years and of course my co-contributor and fellow Coloradoan Stuaaart knows that there is somewhat of an R&B scene to be found in the more urban-y areas. Presented above is a selection of smooth AF cuts from the Mile High City. All tracks are sung by a variety of different male artists; there are no rap songs but some guest raps by Araphahoe TRUES, a local rap trio. The album has a strange format; there are only 4 main tracks and some subsequent mixes/variations. A sampler possibly but also two extra hidden tracks beyond the Outro. The best tracks are undoubtedly "Fun" featuring The Trues and "Hey Lady" which features a Talkbox breakdown to die for. Great R&B from an unlikely place!

Intro 1:50
Fun (Extended Mix) (Featuring The Arapahoe Trues) 4:49
Fun (Accapella) 3:28
Fun (Radio Edit) 4:08
Hey Lady (Freak Mix) 3:59
Hey Lady (Jeep Mix) 3:49
Hey Lady (Late Night Mix) 3:57
The Ride (Lil Som'em For Feds) 1:58
Alone (Radio Edit) 4:59
Alone (Beatapella) 4:38
Break Beat (Come If You Want It) 2:08
Tonight 5:41
Outro 13:41

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Flooded Wit Chips Featuring ÁSA (Hoodlum Records, 1998)

Continuing on with compilations, here is another dope CD featuring artists based out of Carbondale/East St. Louis, IL, which has a G-Funk filler mixed with some very smooth R&B cuts by Carla, I.M.A.G.E., and others. It spawned one single "Ghetto Nation" as performed by ÁSA. Inside says "Coming Soon ÁSA The Album" but I don't know if it was ever released or not. Nothing is known about any of the artists involved but I am assuming that many of them were most likely exclusive to this compilation only. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Ghetto Nation    4:28
Indo Cloud    5:36
Look What You've Done To Me    3:43
Kick It Tonight    3:40
It'll Make You Scream    3:37
For The Money    4:07
Never Fear Death    5:45
Pop'n Up    4:07
Anything    5:34
Can't Nobody    3:57
One Love    4:25
The Other Day    4:03
Open Your Eyes    5:36
Society Don't Love Me No Mo    5:55
Bounce Wit Me    4:46

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Le'Che Martin: Demo (Promo CDr) (Big Sound Studios, 200x)

Formally a star in MTV's 2005 show Making The Band 3, Milwakee's Martin was sadly one of the unlucky ones who did not make the final group Dainty Kane (she was eliminated in episode 9 for 'failing to satisfy in terms of dancing') and never really got the big break that she deserved. A strong vocalist (think Kelly Rowland-meets-Brandy), missing out on a place in a generic-sounding pop group was perhaps a good thing but I am surprised that she never went any further. She was later picked up by local producer Chad 'C-Note' roper but aside from one very local single "Let's Not Talk About It", she never released anything else. She later appeared as a songwriter (most notable credits include "Acapella (Something's Missing") for Brandy and "Fall In Love" for UK vocalist Estelle.) Big thanks again to Stuaaart for another amazing contribution!

**Featuring production by Rico Love on track 1**

I'm So    1:06
Invitation    1:13
I'm In Love With You    3:30
Forbidden Fruit    3:33
Let's Not Talk About It    3:53
If You Really Love Me    3:40

Monday, June 25, 2018

Lyrisis: Ghetto Renaissance (Ncyte Records, 2005)

From Birmingham, Alabama, a neo soul duo similar in style to Floetry...even down to the picture by the classic red telephone box... I don't know anything about them (the text inside the booklet is very hard to read as well) but the overall musical style falls into the neo/acoustic soul genre with a little spoken word and "modern" rhythm & blues.

Sistah 1:12
Southside 3:36
All Day Long 3:28
Selfish 4:54
Hustle 3:00
Wake Up 2:53
Dedicated 4:04
Dumb Nutty 2:56
Let's Love 3:34
Nostalgia (Remember When) 3:24
Things 3:23
Do You See 4:25

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bodyrock: Groove With You Tonight (Promo CDS) (Profile Records, 1994)

Another obscure duo that only ever released one single, a cover of the Isley Brother's song of the same name, and was released via the semi-independent label Profile Records in the mid 90s. I don't know much about the duo, comprised of Dionne "Deelicious" Wilson and Marsha "Lickshot!" Bellamy, but they later went on appear in the lineup to the early 2000s reggae-fusion band Shiner Massive Sound System with fellow NYC musician Kim Swain.

Groove With You Tonight (Original Mix) 3:51
Groove With You Tonight (Crush Sounds Flippy Remix) (featuring Tucka Da Huntaman) 3:50

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Exklusive: True Stories (J-Rob Productions, 200x)

From Stuaaart's stomping ground, an obscure male R&B artist from Denver, Colorado. There's no date of release but the style is mid 2000s mellow contemporary R&B mixed with John Legend-type soul. No information about him anywhere but pretty local to the Denver metropolitan area. I believe his real name was Deonte Waldrop but not entirely sure. Thanks again to Stuart for the contribution.

Sorry I'm Unavailable (True Stroies Intro) 3:25
You Don't Know Me 3:47
Bring It Back 3:49
You 4:09
Necessary Things 4:30
Surrender 5:38
Beautiful (My First Love) 5:08
Platonic 5:46
Ebony Eyes 3:48
Mama's Song (True Stories Interlude) 1:34
Safe In His Arms 3:43

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pamela Serrano: Versatility (Momentum Records, 1998)

From Stuart's collection, the only album from Pamela Serrano, a Bay Area singer of Filipino descent whose 1994 single "I Can Take You Higher" I first posted back in 2016.  A short biography online states that it was released in 1991 but looking at the back puts it at 1998. It is a blend of many different styles not limited to modern soul, jazz and freestyle music. It also spawned an additional single "No Reason" which was released at an unspecified point as well. These days Serrano works as an artist director at PnC Music, a Bay Area performing arts company. Many thanks again to Stuart for his continued contributions.

Versatility    3:52
No One In The World    4:03
Here To Stay    4:53
Irresistible    4:02
Do Me Up    5:06
Let Your Feelings Show    5:05
Stay In My Arms    3:33
Island Love    5:15
I Can Take You Higher    4:17
No Reason    4:44

Monday, May 28, 2018

Jasmine Jai: Promo EP (Morehouse Entertainment, 2003)

Originally featured on my short-lived "Amazon" finds section, Philly-born Jai originally started out as a VJ on local show Urban X-Pressions before perusing her own career in music in the early 2000s. Her only EP "Be Easy" was described as having a Pink meets Missy kind of vibe but like most of the stuff I post, it was probably not that well known outside of her local area. In 2003, she recorded a further song, the Missy-esque "Hypnotized" which was released on a split 12" with a local rap artist J-Stix as the b-side.  I don't think it ever got much of a wide release but more songs can be found on the above CD which as with the 12" appears to be a demo only. In recent times, she now goes by her real name of Jade Alston and released her first full length album in 2013.

Hypnotized (Introducing J-Stix)    3:07
Confession    2:58
Bad Boy    3:02
For The First Time    3:24
J-Stix Bonus Tracks
Holla Stix    4:27
Nasty    3:56