Sunday, December 3, 2017

Various Artists: Lorenzo Pryor Demo [EP] (199x)

Unreleased music from Lorenzo Pryor, who was songwriter/producer who worked with the DeBarge family in the 80s. In the 90s, he wrote songs for Snoop's protegee Delano, the R&B quartet Harmony Innocents and The Rainbow Girls. The above tape contains 3 songs that I can't find any information about and I am presuming that they were never used. There is no date of issuance but guessing early 90s judging by the sound. Featuring 1 upbeat (New Jack Swing maybe?) and 2 slow jams, the first a old skool R&B track with smouldering vocals while the second more of a pop-soul  style like Whitney Houston. All appear to feature different female vocalists with additional male vocals on track 2.

Approximate titles

I Can Give You Anything You Want 6:06
It's Alright 4:27
If It's Only Love 3:53