Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sounds Of The South: The Sounds Begin...(CD Comp) (Sounds Of The South Music, 2001)

Obscure compilation from the south featuring a selection of obscure hip hop/R&B/blues artists from Fort Worth, Texas and other places. Sadly not the best comp I've unearthed; aside from the over abundance of bad early 2000s hip hop, the production and vocals are not the best but there are a few decent cuts here. Most of the artists featured are pretty obscure but rapper Ed "D" Kane (tracks 5 & 10) later went on to work with Grammy Award-winning artist Anthony Hamilton. Kane hails from Charlotte, NC. Also featured is Dee Dee Simon (AKA Danisha Starr) providing backing vocals on track 9.

Intro 0:37
777-2000 4:37
Did I Ask You 4:39
Swing My Way 4:06
But The Money 3:33
Not Thru (Lovin' You) 4:10
1, 2, 3 4:07
Never 4:21
If I Were (Your Woman) 3:39
Ghetto Love 4:01
Cozy 4:00
54 Hensley Drive 3:41
Roll With Me 4:07
Finished (What I Started) 1:17