Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cherish: The Moment (Promo CDr) (Off The Wall Entertainment, 200x)

An early sampler of music from Atlanta R&B group Cherish which may or may not have been compiled before they were signed by Warner Bros. Records in 2003. Of the 5 tracks included, 4 & 5 went on to appear on the final track-list to their shelved LP The Moment while track 3 later made an appearance on Unappreciated in 2006. All sound finished and virtually indistinguishable from album versions. The remainder 2 are presumably demos and have never appeared on any album or leaked at all to my knowledge. There's no credits but track 3 was produced by ex-Hit Men Squad producer Adonis Shropshire and track 3 by ex-Kiara member Greg Charley. Again such a shame that this earlier work was not released. In my opinion, the more poppy stuff worked way better for them.

The Club 3:22
Jealous 3:27
Ohh 3:57
I Told Ya 4:23
Boyfriend 4:24