Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Man Named (Waugh): Like 2 Lay Ya Down (VLS) (Sheik Records, 1992)

Formally known as D.J. Fresh (The One Man Band), the above guy was an underground rapper from the 80s who, after dabbling in some East Coast hip hop, turned his hand at some phat New Jack Swing in the early 90s. Once again, another brilliant find from my regular contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets. Don't forget to stop by and show some luv 👍

Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Lay Ya Down Mix] 4:33
Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Radio Jack Swing Mix] 4:34
Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Club Mix] 4:18
Sex Me, Grind Me [Sex Me Radio Mix] 3:43
Sex Me, Grind Me [Sex Me, Jack Me Mix] 4:32
Sex Me, Grind Me [Club Mix] 3:57