Friday, October 27, 2017

Victory: Conversation (Promo Cassette) (Atlantic, 199x)

Seemingly unreleased project from an unknown male group and found on promo cassette only. I have searched high and low for any information about them but absolutely nothing comes up - and I mean nothing. They don't appear to have any singles and this tape was mistakenly put in the discography of a Italodance act of the same name. I have searched song titles and once again, nothing comes up - and I mean nothing. There is no date of recording/issuance but guessing 1992/1993 judging by the sound which is mostly quiet storm R&B/New Jack Swing in the same vein as early Jodeci with tight Shai-type vocal harmonies. Definitely better than the two groups that Atlantic did release Levert and All-4-One, why it seemingly did not see light light of day will forever remain a mystery to me.

What Will It Take 4:49
Lay Your Love On Me 5:56
Take It 7:12
Conversation 5:18
I Recommend Love 4:22
Content Of Reason 3:17
It Takes A Fool 5:23
Funny How Things Change 4:11
All Day All Night 4:49
I Can Taste It 4:35
Come Home 4:46