Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stylz: Demo Cassette [EP] (199x)

Further obscure R&B from an unknown male group, possibly a demonstration although I am not 100% certain. I know nothing about them but I believe they might be an early incarnation of this group here - produced by singer-songwriter Mikki Bleu - from the Houston TX area. There's no date of recording/issuance but guessing mid 90s judging by the smooth R&B sound. They don't remind me of anybody in particular but a few tracks ("Candlelight", "Pink") are somewhat reminiscent of the romantic side of some 90s groups such as Tony Toni Tone and Mint Condition.

Irresistible 4:43
Take Me Away 4:51
We Can Make It Happen 4:19
Candlelight 4:53
Touch Me 4:19
I B 4:00
Pink 5:37