Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kenyatta: Finally (Precise Records Inc., 2004)

Continuing on with our East Coast crate digging expedition, a further mystery artist that we know nothing about but has a smooth contemporary R&B sound a la Cree with bomb vocals. The booklet had water damage so much of the text has been destroyed but from Virginia as per one of the featured artists and his said group DMP AKA DurTe MuZik Prahdukshun (Norfolk-based.) Again many thanks again to Stuaaart and his homie for acquiring this gem.

Allnyte 4:01
Mekhai's Lullaby 2:36
Who Loves You 4:32
Get Down 2:43
Caress 3:49
Lonely Girl (Melody) 0:54
Best Of Me ft. Khi Killiams 3:47
Control 3:41
Exposed 0:42
Your Song (Baby Come & Go) 4:19
If You Only Knew 4:12
Finally 2:58