Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dawn Blair: No Turning Back (Demo) (Self-Released, 200x)

From our guy in Virginia, another artist found while digging through the crates and kindly sent to me once again from my regular contributor Stuaaart. The artist, who hails from Powhatan, VA, can be found on SoundClick where she is or was an unsigned artist. I believe this project was a demo but I don't know for exact certain. The CD itself is a Verbatim vinyl CDr; regardless, the sound here is mid 2000s contemporary R&B with jazzy/bluesy samples and neo soul facets. Scroll down for our collection so far.

Uninterrupted 4:41
Any Good 3:46
Loving You 5:07
Crazy Game 3:55
The Only One 3:21
Have You Ever 5:13
Champion 3:33
Feelings 4:34
No Turning Back 3:44
At Your Feet 3:19
You've Done Me Wrong 3:19
Business Goes On 3:25