Sunday, July 2, 2017

More Obscure European Girl Groups (1994-2001)


Outta Europe, 4 more obscure R&B/pop groups that you probably haven't heard of before and active between 1998-2001. Three (J'Leish, Charli and Teeze) were from the UK while the last Natural Impact were from the Netherlands or at least Netherlands-based. J'Leish were signed to British rapper Funky DL's label Washington Classics while Teeze were signed to Paul Hardcastle's label Total Control Records which is now defunct. Teeze's song - a cover of LeVert's track of the same name -
has no date of release but the CD single puts it at 1994 possibly. Natural Impact I know little about but a music video for the song was made and can be found on You Tube. I believe they were Dutch or at least Holland-based but much of the label's catalog was released in the U.S. The final group Charli were known by a few as being the former pop group of ex-EastEnders star Rita Simmons. A UK Garage/R&B crossover group a la MisTeeq, they released a major single "Feel Me" in 2003 which bombed in the charts. The lineup had changed between the two releases but I believe that Simmons featured on both tracks. 👍 again to my good pal Stuaaart for the contribution.

J'Leish - Ain't Got The Time (VLS) (Washington Classics, 2001)
Ain't Got The Time 3:58
Ain't Got The Time [Instrumental] 3:57
Ain't Got The Time ft. Funky DL [DL's Old Skool Remix] 3:45
Ain't Got The Time [Old Skool Remix Instrumental] 3:45
Ain't Got The Time [Teacher & Student Remix Instrumental] 3:39
Ain't Got The Time [Teacher & Student Remix] 3:39

Charli - Big Mistake (VLS) (Charles Gordon Productions, 2001)
Big Mistake (Garage Pop Mix) 4:19
Big Mistake (Garage Dub Remix) 4:11
Big Mistake (Wise Child RnB Remix) 4:41
Big Mistake (Paper Worx RnB Remix) 4:05

Teeze - Casanova (Promo VLS) (Total Control Records, 199x)
Casanova [Teeze U Mix] 5:04
Casanova [Funk U Mix] 5:04
Casanova [Pleeze U Mix] 5:15

Natural Impact - Don't You Even Try (VLS) (Skillz Records, 1998)
Don't You Even Try [Remix w Rap] 3:50
Don't You Even Try [Remix w.o Rap] 3:50
Don't You Even Try [Remix Instrumental] 3:50
Don't You Even Try [Radio Mix 1] 3:32
Don't You Even Try [Radio Instrumental] 3:22
Don't You Even Try [12'' Version] 5:03