Saturday, July 29, 2017

Circular Motion: Adore You (VLS) (Soul Sounds, 199x)

Super obscure pressing out of NC featuring either a male duo or a group. I know nothing about them but the recording studio later hosted notable Southern hip hop acts such as The St. Lunatics and G.A. Girlz. Though the duo/group itself hails from North Carolina, the track was recorded in Decatur, Georgia. No date of release but mid-to-late 90s judging by the smooth, sexy sound.

Many thanks again to my good pal Stuaaart who owns an ORIGINAL copy of this record.

Adore You [Bomb Mix] 3:56*
Adore You [Rippling Onion Mix] 3:47
Adore You [Instrumental] 3:57
Adore You [Smooth But Funky Mix] 4:07
Adore You [Original Mix] 4:06
Adore You [Instrumental] 4:07

*Includes an alternative vocal take