Friday, June 9, 2017

Tika: The Never Ending Story...(Doe Mac Records, 2002)

Another quite underground but fairly contemporary (for its day) release from Las Vegas, NV. The sound is mostly early 2000s urban-crossover R&B in the style of Monica, Ashanti and other "do me wrong" artists from that era but vocally a lot stronger and with better harmonies. Not much - if anything - is known about the artist but I believe following this she may have served as backup for other artists on the predominantly hip hop label, notably Las Vegas rapper X1 (d. 2007.)

Introduction 0:48
I Like The Way 4:03
Until Now 4:38
Come On (featuring Doe Mac) 3:38
Just You & Me 4:12
Wonderful Day 3:31
Blewback (featuring Doe Mac & G-Lace) 3:55
Interlude 2:10
Love Is Gone 4:00
I'm Giving Back 4:05
Why 4:07
No More 3:49
Outro 0:16