Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tara Michelle: Roll Wit' Me (EP) (B.I.G. Productions, 2006)

Another obscurity from the Midwest that - despite being from the mid 2000s when most stuff began to morph into electronic dance music  - has a very smooth conventional R&B feel. Many of the guest rappers are still doing their thing - Arkansas' Lil Yuk has music on You Tube and fellow Midwest rapper Pheddi has a recent song on CDBaby - but not much is known about the artist herself, who hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. I believe she may have been recently involved in a reboot of Indianapolis funk/boogie group Circle City Band although I am not 100% certain.

Tara's Party ft. X 3:58 (Includes interpolations from Mary Jane Girls' "All Night Long.")
Interlude 0:26
Why ft. D Golder & Pheddi 4:02
Like A Lady 4:49
Roll Wit' Me 4:11
Real Thing 4:06
Real Thing (Remix) ft. Lil Yuk, 40 & Eddie Caine 4:12