Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sesil & Lujon: What's Still Going On (EP) (Just Play It Records, 1996)

Obscure release from Virginia artist and Marvin Gaye protegee Sesil Jenkins, who was originally one half of soul/funk duo Sesil & Lujon in the late 80s. Featuring two main tracks, Jenkins appears by himself on "I Do...Baby" while the B-side track "Send For Me" was co-written with his former bandmate Delecta "Lujon" Johnson. "I Do...Baby" and it's subsequent mixes feature an uncredited sample from Public Enemy's 1988 song "Security Of The First World" and was supposedly released as a single. I can't find any information about this but at least one copy of the b-side track "Send For Me" has sold on 12" vinyl format in the past.  This is more in line with the sort of modern soul stuff he was doing with Johnson in the late 80s and was slated to be taken from an album "For Women Only," which I also can't find any information about. Running at over 7 minutes long, it appears unfinished or at best partially instrumental.

Thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution! More mega rare Virginia indie R&B to come!

I Do... Baby (Dance Party Mix) 8:09
I Do... Baby (Royal Raw Funk Mix I) 5:42
I Do... Baby (Royal Raw Funk Mix II) 5:17
I Do... Baby (Royal Raw Funk Mix III) 5:13
Send For Me 7:18