Monday, May 15, 2017

Wet Tracks & Relaxed Flows: Smooth Hip Hop & R&B Volume 1 (Wet Tracks Records, 1999)

Chilled, smooth and laid back, the first of three compilations featuring an assortment of obscure hip hop and R&B artists, many of which appear unreleased or extremely local at the very least. From Chi-Town, the hip hop artists on this set I know nothing about but I believe the featured R&B artist Chris Chandler is mostly known for his work with NYC hip hop group The Beatnuts. To my knowledge, he never officially released any work of his own but did play an active role in the general production of this album.

Interlude 0:18
Jazz - Mr Smoove & Chris Chandler 4:05
BX To CHI - Relik 3:28
Lonely - Light & Chris Chandler 4:49
W.E.T. Tracks (About To Clap) - Relik 3:38
Thin Line - Ó'SKO 4:09
Can I Trust U - Light 5:29
Ruthie Jean - Man Of Nature & Mr Smoove 5:22
Trouble - Chris Chandler 4:09
Ghetto - Chris Chandler 3:57
Coco Interlude 0:37
Will You Ever Fall In Love - Chris Chandler 5:05
You - Chris Chandler 4:40
Heavy Heart - Ann Jones & Chris Chandler 3:38
Us Doing Us - Light & 8th One Da 3:20
Off The Hook - Relik & Mr Smoove 3:55
Big Picture - Man Of Nature 4:07
If You Could See - Ó'SKO & 8th One Da 3:59
Coco Interlude 0:40