Sunday, May 7, 2017

Veronica Lee: The Album (Righteous Records, 2005)

Sold around the Miami area, the debut album from Chicago-born vocalist Veronica Lee who was signed to an independent Chicago label in the mid 2000s. The label Righteous Records was in charge of two female singers that I know of back then, Lee and  fellow Chi-Town artist Jennifer Hudson. Both singers went down vastly different routes to further their careers; while Hudson chose a more commercial approach (American Idol), Lee took to the streets in Miami to promote her work sidewalk style in 2005. While Hudson eventually scored a recording contract with Clive Davis' J Records, Lee sadly never really made it beyond hustler status. Her only album spawned two radio singles in Chicago If U Really Love Me and U Know What I Like. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for this rarity.

Track order seems to differ among discs

U Know What I Like 3:44
Let's Go 3:03
If U Really Love Me 4:02
I Miss You Baby 4:20
Take A Ride 3:22
Can't Get Enough 3:52
I Love My Man 3:55
I Like The Way You Move 3:45
Your Time Is Up 3:14
I'm In Love With You 2:52
Ain't It A Shame 4:27
Your Love Is All I Need 3:35
I'm The Only Girl 3:39
I'll Come Running 3:50
Girl Take It From Me 3:53