Monday, May 15, 2017

S.O.U.R.C.E. Int'l feat. The Kast (S.O.U.R.C.E. Int'l Corporation, 200x)

On indie label USA Records LLC, the second of three indie R&B and hip hop compilations featuring mainly obscure local-area artists, most of which went unreleased and don't come up in any searches. As for this particular comp, the only ones I can find any information on are A.Fraz, Stevano U.G.O., The Kast and Madarocka; A.Fraz now goes by the name of Aulando Frazier and released an digital-download album in the mid 2000s (Music Is My Life from the above set is featured on it but his other two tracks here are unreleased) as did rapper Stevano U.G.O. Upstate NY hip hop/pop duo The Kast released an album Anyway U Want It in 2001 but I believe the tracks here were recorded for a later project that went unreleased. Unreleased female MC Madarocka hails originally from Nigeria; she never released a single or an album to my knowledge and as with the rest of the artists on this compilation, can be found only here. No date of release but as per the albums by Frazier and Stevano U.G.O., the mid-2000s at the very least.

From the Washington D.C. area but not entirely certain.

Cali 2K (Stevano U.G.O.) 3:21
Same Ol' Song (A.Fraz) 2:31*
The One (Madarocka) 4:36*
Much Much More (S.I.Clique) 3:32*
The Weekend (Stevano U.G.O.) 3:52
Amazing (A.Fraz) 2:51*
Hate Me, Hate You (The Kast) 3:04*
Worldwide (S.I.Clique) 4:35*
No More (Stevano U.G.O.) 3:50
Music Is My Life (A.Fraz) 3:43
Treat Her Like A Lady (Madarocka) 4:03*
Whay's The $ource? (S.I.Clique) 4:20*
Your Love (Miranda Davis) 4:50*
Another Life (The Kast) 3:15*