Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Red Queen Music: Clean TV/Radio Edits (Red Queen Music, 200x)

The third and final compilation and featuring a selection of hip hop, R&B and pop radio edits from various obscure artists signed to LA-based indie label Red Queen Music. Mainly urban music with the exception of a few adult contemporary and teen pop stinkers, the vast majority of the tracks come from Long Beach hip hop and R&B artist Bigg Blue who had previously worked with Coolio, 2Pac, Daz Dillenger and others. He released his own album Dippin' Tonite in Japan in 2002 but his career never really took off in the U.S. and he remains an underground artist to this day. In 2003, he released a 2Pac-tribute album which is available for download on CDBaby; two featured tracks Who's Dat and Thug In Me later ended up on here so I have declined to post them but the remainder tracks are unreleased to my knowledge*.

Thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution. 

Lucky Lucciano - Windows To The Soul 4:20
Bigg Blue - Baby Cuz I'm Feelin' You 3:47
Bigg Blue - Who's Dat 5:00
Lucky Lucciano f/ Bigg Blue - It Was Different Then 5:13
Bigg Blue - Thug In Me 4:11
Lucky Lucciano f/ Bigg Blue - In The Club 2:06
Bigg Blue - I Like It 3:45
Bigg Blue - What The Hell 4:33
Bigg Blue - Zoom 4:02
Lucky Lucciano f/ Jessica - Why Can't We Be Happy 3:20
Jessica - I Finally Made It 2:53
Rob Carona - Sometimes It Hurts So Bad 3:36
24/7 - I'm Asking Why 4:39

*1 track What The Hell was included on his album Dippin' Tonite but seeing as it was only ever released in Japan, I am classing it as unreleased.