Friday, April 14, 2017

T-Rell: Monogamous (Relly-T Entertainment, 2002)

From the Midwest, another R&B vocalist masquerading as a hip hop artist and despite some of the more in-your-face track titles such as F@Xk You and 10 Inches, with selection of incredibly smooth, sexy songs. Similar in style to R. Kelly, I know nothing about him but he has released at least two singles Nut-Up In 3 and Vibin'  and aside from a few guest appearances from other local artists, there is little to no rap on his album.

Freakin' You (Intro) 3:02
Hold On 3:59
F@Xk You 4:19
Vibin' 4:42
Out Of Jail 4:54
Monogamous 4:18
Nut Up In 3 3:22
10 Inches 5:03
Don't Want To Lose You 5:28
Fantasy Affair 4:52
24 Months 5:10
Remember Me 4:59
Like This 5:02
Dedicate My Song 3:54
Vibin' (Remix) 4:51
Small Town 3:49
Hidden Track 2:12 (Seems like an Outro?)

NOTE:  He is not the same artist as this guy from Topeka, KS.