Monday, April 3, 2017

Sons Of Rhythm: S/T (Cipta Mitra Musik, 199x)

Seemingly only ever released in Indonesia, the debut album from Independent trio Sons Of Rhythm who were related to an obscure 90s British house/eurodance act called Bassrate. With a sound similar to classic 90s male New Jack/vocal R&B groups such as New Edition, Shai and others, I believe the above trio were also from the UK (Manchester) although I am not 100% certain. They released two singles All Alone and Never Knew in 1995, the latter of which only ever seems to have been released
in Australia. Whether they were at one point signed to a major label - albeit very briefly - I don't know. There's no information about them or the people involved anywhere outside of a few hits in Discogs. Their album only ever appeared to have been released in Indonesia where it seems they had some degree of success and according to the front, a radio hit with a further song called Desire. I know nothing about the label that released it but they were at one point partnered with independent label Edel to release music for the Indonesian market. Found on cassette only, I don't know if it was ever released on CD but I don't believe it's a promo or advance copy. 

Never Knew (Swing Mix) 4:05
Keep Pushin' On 3:15
Somebody 3:47
Desire 3:21
You Are The One 3:41
All Alone 3:38
Give It To Me 4:47
I'll Be There 4 U 4:10
Midnight Blues 4:19
I Can Make U Feel 4:54
Freakin' 4:27
It's Only Natural 3:10
I Would Never Lie 3:44