Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Misty: Chillin Out 2Nite (Demo EP) (199x)

The second artist was based out of NY and is a mixture of upbeat 90s hip hop & R&B and Prince-esque funky soul and blues rock. I'm Goin' Down is a cover of the Rose Royce song of the same name and was pretty much kept in the same vein as the original but a bit more upbeat than Mary J. Blige's version. I don't know anything about the artist but I believe the producer of at least some of the tracks was Marc "Ox" Anderson who has a Discogs entry with Darc Shado's Stay Real (1997.) Also included on the tape - at the very end - is a killer 90s R&B track by a male artist called Shabazz. Not date of recording but guessing mid 90s from the sound and perhaps late 90s for Shabazz.

Satisfied 4:32
I'm Going Down 4:19
If I Give You What You Want 4:44
Chillin Out 2nite 4:31
I Like It 4:49
Shabazz -  Let's Get Nasty 5:01*

*The first of two versions of the track, the second of which cuts off at the end. Both appear to be the same take.