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Friday, April 21, 2017

N-Touch: Dip-N-Dive (Cassingle) (Platinum Gold Records Inc., 1995)

From Stuaaart's collection, another male group slow jam and on a Michigan hip hop label in the mid 90s. The label Platinum Gold Records hails from Ypsilanti but the group themselves appear to hail from Detroit. I don't know anything about them but the label seems to have been active since the late 80s at least.

Dip-N-Dive [Vocal] 5:46
Dip-N-Dive [Instrumental] 5:50

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Misty: Chillin Out 2Nite (Demo EP) (199x)

The second artist was based out of NY and is a mixture of upbeat 90s hip hop & R&B and Prince-esque funky soul and blues rock. I'm Goin' Down is a cover of the Rose Royce song of the same name and was pretty much kept in the same vein as the original but a bit more upbeat than Mary J. Blige's version. I don't know anything about the artist but I believe the producer of at least some of the tracks was Marc "Ox" Anderson who has a Discogs entry with Darc Shado's Stay Real (1997.) Also included on the tape - at the very end - is a killer 90s R&B track by a male artist called Shabazz. Not date of recording but guessing mid 90s from the sound and perhaps late 90s for Shabazz.

Satisfied 4:32
I'm Going Down 4:19
If I Give You What You Want 4:44
Chillin Out 2nite 4:31
I Like It 4:49
Shabazz -  Let's Get Nasty 5:01*

*The first of two versions of the track, the second of which cuts off at the end. Both appear to be the same take.

Passion: Wet-N-Wild (Demo EP) (199x)

The first of two cassette demos from unknown female artists, the first of which was donated by my good friend Stuaaart. Featuring two tracks smooth 90s R&B, one track 90s disco-house and one track funky 80s-style soul, I don't know who the artist is but it is doubtful she is Passion Brossard, a singer/rapper who was signed to MCA Records in the mid-90s.

Keep On Living 3:52
Freak Me 4:26
Do What You Do 4:31
Won't You Be My Baby 3:35

Friday, April 14, 2017

T-Rell: Monogamous (Relly-T Entertainment, 2002)

From the Midwest, another R&B vocalist masquerading as a hip hop artist and despite some of the more in-your-face track titles such as F@Xk You and 10 Inches, with selection of incredibly smooth, sexy songs. Similar in style to R. Kelly, I know nothing about him but he has released at least two singles Nut-Up In 3 and Vibin'  and aside from a few guest appearances from other local artists, there is little to no rap on his album.

Freakin' You (Intro) 3:02
Hold On 3:59
F@Xk You 4:19
Vibin' 4:42
Out Of Jail 4:54
Monogamous 4:18
Nut Up In 3 3:22
10 Inches 5:03
Don't Want To Lose You 5:28
Fantasy Affair 4:52
24 Months 5:10
Remember Me 4:59
Like This 5:02
Dedicate My Song 3:54
Vibin' (Remix) 4:51
Small Town 3:49
Hidden Track 2:12 (Seems like an Outro?)

NOTE:  He is not the same artist as this guy from Topeka, KS.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Forté: Do You Know [When You're In Love] (Cassingle) (Crosstown Records Inc., 1995)

There are at least 2 different indie R&B groups that go by the name of Forté that I know of and here is yet another one from Dayton, Ohio with strong vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Boyz II Men. Sadly I know nothing about them but their label Crosstown Records Inc., released mainly local hip hop in the mid to late 90s.  

Many thanks again to my friend Stuaaart who managed to track down a scarce cassette copy.

Do You Know [When You're In Love] (Radio Edit) 5:08
Do You Know [When You're In Love] (Instrumental) 5:25
Do You Know [When You're In Love] (Jazzy Bear's Cave Mix) 5:12*
Do You Know [When You're In Love] (Acappella) 3:24

*A repeat of track 1 or at least a very similar mix

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sons Of Rhythm: S/T (Cipta Mitra Musik, 199x)

Seemingly only ever released in Indonesia, the debut album from Independent trio Sons Of Rhythm who were related to an obscure 90s British house/eurodance act called Bassrate. With a sound similar to classic 90s male New Jack/vocal R&B groups such as New Edition, Shai and others, I believe the above trio were also from the UK (Manchester) although I am not 100% certain. They released two singles All Alone and Never Knew in 1995, the latter of which only ever seems to have been released

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Willisha Norris: Don't Keep Me Waiting (VLS) (Bell Tower Entertainment Group, 1994)

Again from Stuaaart's collection, a def 90s swingbeat  pressing from the City of Brotherly Love. I know nothing about the artist but she does but does have a Last FM profile and seemingly, an album out there....somewhere. No information on the label Bell Tower Entertainment Group but they only have one other artist Kenny Stone in their back catalog so far.

Don't Keep Me Waiting [Lee Dog Remix] 5:10
Don't Keep Me Waiting 4:11

Dezon: Six Million Ways (VLS) (Exclusive Entertainment, 1997)

From the South, more obscure indie on vinyl and this time from a male group or duo based out of Decatur, GA (NOT from Cali!). No information about anybody involved but features two versions - booty bass and slow - of the title track. 

Many thanks again to Stuaaart who owns an original copy of this rarity.

Bass In Yo Face Mix 5:53
Body To Body Mix 5:05

AngeliQue: Time (VLS) (E.M.M. Entertainment, 1996)

From Stuaaart's collection, more obscure indie on vinyl. Somewhat similar in style to work by the 45-King, the backing track is a semi-continuous hip hop loop which may or may not be sampled. I know nothing about the artist but possibly from NY as per the producer Taurus Braxton who was later affiliated with Guru (of Gangstarr.)

Same program both sides.

Time [Over Da Edge Mix] 3:40