Monday, March 20, 2017

Floetry: Floetic Demos (2x Promo CDr) (Universal Publishing Group, 200x)

From London, a further new group (duo) to emerge in the early 2000s that came with the others. Like fellow neo-soul duo Aaries, they weren't really a replacement for Destiny's Child but did enjoy some degree of success between 2002-2005. They were helped in part by DJ Jazzy Jeff and his Touch Of Jazz Productions who previously helped bring much unsigned talent (specifically out of Philly) to prominence. Like his previous protegee Jill Scott, their music was primarily neo soul with spoken word, jazz and hip hop elements. They were signed to DreamWorks Records until it merged into
Geffen in 2004. The above double set is an early demonstration featuring tracks that would later make up the bulk of their first album Floetic in 2002. Possibly a one-of-a-kind item, the tracks are spread out over two discs compiled for Universal Music Publishing Group sometime prior. Other left over tracks would later make it onto advance and Japanese-only pressings but some such as the spoken word Once Upon A High, Tran Sending Lovely, Losing My Appetite and Be Yourself can only be found here. Many thanks again to my regular contributor Stuaaart for sending it my way. 

Disc 1
Floetic 4:30
Once Upon A High 5:03
Mistress 3:49
Say Yes 4:33
Fun 4:19
Headache 4:08
Mista Messed Me Up 4:24
Tran Sending Lovely 4:13
Losing My Appetite 4:27
Sunshine 4:13
Be Yourself 4:42
Hey You 4:54
Getting Late 6:51
Yesterday 4:11
If I Were A Bird 5:38

Disc 2
Hello 4:11
Possibilities 4:59