Saturday, March 18, 2017

Elicea: I Shall Survive (CDM) (Binggae Production, 2000)

From Kingston, Jamaica, a further obscure artist that I cannot find a scrap of information on but the label Binggae Production Limited appears to have been strictly a reggae label with a (very) limited back catalog of mainly 7" records (a popular format in Jamaica, even in the early 2000s and especially for DJ mashups.) The above song is primarily pop-reggaeton with a slight urban edge. Though it doesn't technically fall into the R&B category, she has deep, soulful vocals and cites Whitney Houston, Kelly Price and Yolanda Adams as main influences.

According to the inlay, she recorded three other songs for the label Bahamien Boy, Do-Wee and Blue Moon (adapted.)

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution. 

Radio Mix 3:38
Original Mix 3:44
Tracks Mix 3:43
Instrumental 3:33