Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Eddie Robinson: Love, Life And Heartache (DiamondLife Records, 2000)

Not be confused with fellow Michigan (Detroit) soul & blues singer Eddie (Clay) Robinson, more Great Lakes R&B from a Lansing guy whose luscious, rich baritone echos that of Luther Vandross but whose music has a strictly contemporary feel. His only album and, as far as I know, his only release to date, it is mainly a  mixture of romantic slow jams and nu-school contemporary R&B numbers with smooth, velvety harmonies. Standout tracks include the G-Funk-inspired It's On and Will You, which is a masterpiece of quiet storm. Definitely a welcome addition to my ever-growing library of male artists and further proof that Michigan (like Chicago, IL) was - and probably still is - one of the top places to go to for quality underground R&B music.

Intro 3:03
It's On 3:35
You Can't Come Back 3:45
Interlude (Love, Life And Heartache) 0:42
Will You 4:39 (featuring Tracey McLiechey)
Be Mine 4:16
You're My Everything 3:42
Do You Wanna Play 4:31
You're My Latest Greatest Inspiration 3:57
Love Life And Heartache 6:07
Can't Wait To See You 5:31