Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Arika Kimble: I Thought It Was Over (EP) (Out The Hat Records, 1997)

Ultra rare EP from Arika Kimble, who - after starting out as an underground artist on the Michigan R&B circuit - later went on to win MP3.com's contest for Best New Urban artist and opened for TLC during the second leg of their Fanmail Tour. She started out signed to Muskegon label Out The Hat Records but later went on to sign with a different label Ebony Records in 1999. Sadly I don't think any work from this era exists aside from My Kind Of Guy, which was later released on split 12" via London hip hop label Stonegroove Recordings. It seems that the other artist featured on the 12"
Anthony Anderson was also a former casualty from Ebony Records although he was lucky enough to at least get his album released. Unfortunately it seems that Stonegroove only acquired the rights to already recorded work, meaning that no album by Kimble or any other original artist was ever released. Though her later single posted here is relatively easy to find, the above EP - featuring 3 different tracks (2 original and 1 DeBarge cover) and two phat remixes - is very hard to come by. All tracks were produced in part by Muskegon hip hop producer Michael Starr (who might be known to some for his work on Big Six 2 Da Board by local rapper Syphur.) Once again a BIG THANK YOU to my good buddy and regular contributor Stuaaart for this one. Once again he does not own files but an ORIGINAL COPY!

I Thought It Was Over 4:45
I Thought It Was Over [Michael Starr Remix] 4:43
I Thought It Was Over [The Fantasy Hip-Hop Mix] 4:44
The Bomb 4:55
I Thought It Was Over [Radio Mix] 4:49
All This Love 4:14