Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ablaize: Catch On Fire (Your Move Music, 2001)

Contemporary R&B and gospel from Little Rock natives Ablaize who were definitely up there with Trin-i-tee 5:7, Ramiyah and Out Of Eden when it came to blending powerful worship songs with hot urban flavors. Coming from somebody who is not really all that fond of gospel, I quite enjoyed their work which - from the DC-esque "independent women" anthem Ain't Gonna Be That Way to the souped-up Church favorite Catch On Fire to the soulful harmonies of Can't Hold My Peace - is mostly very radio friendly.

Catch On Fire 4:26
What Is This 4:35
Can't Hold My Peace 4:40
Ain't Gonna Be That Way 4:57
King Of Glory 4:59
Special Love 5:08
Made 2 Love U 4:50
Everything Belongs To Him 4:04
Take This Pain 5:54
Glory 4:26
Spend Some Time 5:05
Thou Shall Be Saved 4:28
The Worship Song 8:28