Monday, March 13, 2017

4D People: Got It Going On/We Are For The People/Peace~B~Still (Love Hit Music, 1996-1998)

This West Indies (Barbadian) sextuplet was active between 1996-1998. They first began as IV Play in 1996 before changing their name to 4D People which they kept up until they split. At the height of their fame in the 90s, they were one of Barbados' leading bands
although some of the more traditional folks struggled with their contemporary R&B approach over the usual soca and reggae styles. As far as I am aware, they were only ever active in Barbados but had the opportunity to perform in Europe and tour with international superstars Boys II Men. In Short, not many people outside of the Caribbean would probably know these guys are although two former members Toni Norville and Shane Forester are now more widely known as solo artists.

Sourced once again from Stuaaart who owns all three albums in physical format.

Got It Going On (1996)
Love Will Never Let You Down 4:29
Today's Inspirational Song 4:28
We Got It Goin' On 4:21
Day Dreaming 3:41
Cry For Help 4:24
Should Have Known Better 3:49
Good Lovin' 5:45
Friends Forever 3:40

We Are For The People (1997)
You Set Me Free 4:15
For The People 4:10
Dear Brandy 4:11
Sad Sweet Dreamer 3:31
Love Will Never Let You Down 4:24
Nina 4:18
You've Got Me 3:55
Tonite 3:58
Fore Play 4:09
Love Will (Dance Mix) 5:23

Peace~B~Still (1998)
Lonely Nite 4:02
Don't Ever Leave 4:26
Day Dreaming 3:27
Peace B Still 3:41
Peace Of Mind 4:31
Good Lovin' 4:30
Go On Home 4:25
Movin' Out 4:27
Back Together Again 3:45
Friends 3:32