Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shatasha: Demo (Candyland Band Prod., 1991)

Early 1991 demo from LA-based singer Shatasha Williams, who was mostly known for singing the hook on Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony's 1994 song Thuggish Ruggish Bone. Prior to this, she worked with N.W.A-affiliated MC Candyman (real name Candell Manson) in the early 90s and appeared on his own track Knockin' Boots in 1991. This established her career as a singer in LA and I am guessing the above demo - produced by Candell's Candyland Band - was recorded at around this time. I don't think she was signed to a major label; it was just a project that they did which they might have sent copies of to various people  although Candell himself was signed to Sony's Epic division. A mixture of hard hip hop beats and perky samples, also included on the demo is a vocal version his own track Candyman (or Candyman Theme), which features different production to the later version featured on his album. Nothing to do with Easy-E or Dr. Dre I don't think although Williams later went on to sign to Easy's Ruthless Records in 1994. Track 2 maybe also loosely based on N.W.A.'s song of the same name.

~Big thanks again to my good friend and regular contributor Stuaaart who owns an ORIGINAL copy of this cassette. I myself still feel a pang of regret passing it up before the usual folk got to it...

You Don't Love Me 4:09
I Ain't The One 4:11
Reconsider 3:40
Dance With Me 4:39
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Love 4:17
Candyman 5:06
Always On My Mind 5:10
I Remember 4:38
Can't Stop Loving You 5:21
Always On My Mind (Reprise) 5:12