Monday, February 6, 2017

Megan Rochell: You, Me And The Radio (Album Sampler) (Def Jam, 2006)

With a vocal range and style reminiscent of Brandy Norwood, Brooklyn native Megan Rochell was a former 5-time winner of Showtime At The Apollo who, after a chance meeting with Boyz II Men's Nathan Morris in Philadelphia one day, managed to secure herself a deal with Def Jam Recordings in the mid 2000s. Being primarily an urban label, they did not have a bad track record with R&B and hip hop artists but unfortunately - along with Sisqo's group LovHer in 2003 - Rochell was one of the unlucky ones. The president of the label at the time was none other than Jay-Z who (under LA Reid) had done an excellent job of nurturing the career of the lesser-talented Rhianna but simply failed to do the same for Rochell and others like her. Fellow Def Jam artist at the time Christina Milian - who was also dropped - cited budget cuts and the label opting to spend large amounts of money on Rhianna and her "umbrellas" instead. The Rochell project spawned two singles before its cancellation The One You Need (prod by Rodney Jerkins) and Floating. Following this, Rochell signed another bum deal with Jerkins' Darkchild Records. Sadly she is still yet to get a proper break. 

Many thanks again to my other good pal kingwazo for the contribution. 

The One You Need ft. Fabolous (Snippet) 0:56
Betcha 3:57*
Heartbreak (Snippet) 1:39
Let Go (Snippet) 1:34
I Still 3:49
Floating 3:56

*Also recorded by Brandy Norwood for an undisclosed project which leaked in 2009.