Tuesday, February 21, 2017

F.E. Cohen: My Story (Cohen Records Inc., 1995)

Second release from U.S.-born Jewish singer Ephee Cohen, whose first album and only single I posted back in October. His album especially was a mixture of many different styles including reggae, ballads and best of all New Jack Swing and smooth R&B jams. Altogether there were six songs sung in English with the remainder being sung in Hebrew. I don't think it spawned any singles but at some point after this, he released the steamy Cum With Me wherein he appeared more as a traditional male R&B singer. Both are pretty obscure and were released via his own label, which at the time was based out of Memphis, Tennessee.
Moving back to the above release, it appears, in part, to have been marketed in Israel although the country of origin is unknown. Recorded in many countries not limited to the U.S. and Israel, altogether it contains 8 tracks sung in English and 4 sung in Hebrew. Some (4, 5, 7, 9 & 10)  appeared on his previous release All I Want To Do Is Love while track 3 was released as his only single in the U.S. The remainder of the tracks are unique to this release, including the slow jam And I'll Love You, which was also re-sung in Hebrew with an unknown Israeli singer as track 6. Sadly the last thing of interest from this quite obscure but very - for his time - contemporary-sounding R&B singer. 

As per the inlay, "the final album of F.E. Cohen was dedicated to abused and homeless children."

Thanks again to my good pal Stuaaart for the heads up :-)

African Jam 4:20
And I'll Love You 5:24
Cum With Me 4:04
Human 3:45
Eamma 6:37
Ohev Ohthach 4:41 (And I'll Love You Hebrew Version)
Rhythem 2000 5:16
You Broke My Heart 5:12 (Sung in Hebrew)
All I Want To Do Is Love 5:19
Please Be Mine (Cum With Me II) 4:03
Rape Of Innocence 2:11