Saturday, February 4, 2017

Deemi: Soundtrack Of My Life (Sampler CD) (Atlantic, 2007)

Like Fundisha, here is a further female R&B artist from the mid 2000s who was a little too real for the dopey general population. Compared to a young Mary J. Blige and mentored by NY hip hop artist Chris Styles, Deemi - real name  Tahu Jessica Aponte - quietly disappeared after one single (Soundtrack Of My Life) but with gritty subject matter ranging from cutting crack with her then-boyfriend to drug and alcohol consumption, it was no wonder why Atlantic - best known for girls-next-door such as Brandy and Estelle - quickly put the brakes on her album. True, it worked for Keyshia Cole in 2005 but she was nowhere near as blunt and by the time her second LP rolled around, even she had become just another R&B artist as the ghetto-worshiping masses couldn't handle the plain-speaking truth. As quoted from a Spin review (Jun 2007) "Brooklyn single mother of two weathers domestic abuse, drugs and despair, then cathartically belts out this years most devastating R&B moment." Sadly I don't think it ever leaked in full but an album stylized as a mixtape was released in Japan (see next post.)

Many thanks again to my good pal Stuaaart for bringing attention to this underrated artist. Sadly she is yet to make a comeback.

The Soundtrack To My Life 4:04
Little Girl (Snippet) 1:56
Sunshine (Snippet) 1:32
I'm A Be Alright (Snippet) 1:16
Love Explained (Snippet) 1:07
Hair Down (Snippet) 1:14