Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dee Dee Wilde: PG-13 (WC Records, 2001)

Sister to Eugene Wilde, veteran singer Dee Dee (real name Diane Broomfield) started out in the business with family in the disco troop Broomfield Corporate Jam in the late 1970s. After a brief stint here and in numerous other family projects, she released her first solo album No Way Out via Island Records in 1988 which spawned the two successful singles I Found You and Lap Of Luxury. Sadly all her additional work since - as with that of her brother Eugene - has been on independent labels with the above release (from 2001) being the most hard to find of them all. With more of a uptempo pop-R&B style as apposed to her original soul-R&B roots, it was not released commercially as it was decided that it not what her listening audience would be used to from her. Entirely produced by her brother Eugene, the album is a blend of contemporary R&B and funky pop songs.

Thanks again to my good pal Stuaaart for the contribution

Doesn't Matter 3:22
Let Me Remind You 3:49
Some Kinda Guy 4:34
Can't Get Over You 4:08
Real Good Time 4:03
Sunday Morning 4:30
Workout Song 3:18
Just How Much I Do 4:27
Wanna Be The One 3:43
Be Careful What You Wish For 4:10
I'm A Woman 3:27