Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cherish: The Moment (Promo CDr) (Reprise Records, 2003)

Atlanta sister quartet Cherish first came to prominence in 2006 when they were discovered and signed by Jazze Pha to his Sho'Nuff label. Their biggest hit included the crunk'n'b-inspired Do It To It, which made no. 12 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. Prior to this (in 2003), they were signed to Warner Bros.' Reprise imprint where they released one single Miss P. with So So Def rapper Da Brat. Unfortunately it was a commercial failure and the group was shortly dropped. As in the case of another one of Reprise's R&B signings at the time, Trinidadian singer D'Mello, the label had simply failed to give them or their music enough promotion. Truthfully - looking at the over-abundance of alternative rock rubbish that they had their name to at the time - I don't think they knew quite what to do with them. Up until then the closest thing to R&B that they had in
their back-catalog was Mandy Moore. I posted the group's sampler a few year's back but was finally lucky enough to get my hands on their whole shelved album The Moment or Cherish...The Moment which I didn't even know existed before now. Aside from Jermaine Dupri and Kandi Burruss who wrote and produced 4 tracks that I know of (Miss P., Stay With You and 2 others I don't know of that may or may not have made the cut for this album) and ex-Kiara member Gregory Charley, I don't know much else about the people involved on this project but most of it is a lot more poppy and superficial than their later stuff with Jazze Pha. While songs such as I Wanna Be Your Girl and Boyfriend wouldn't have sounded out of place as fillers on a Destiny's Child album, there are plenty of upbeat urban-pop songs (Gimmie Some Space, Poisonous, Power Of The Female) that pick up the pace. I Won't Leave You and I Told Ya are maturer moments but the best songs were undoubtedly produced by Dupri. Following this the group, did 3 songs on The Power Puff Girls: Power Pop soundtrack (including Power Of The Female from this very album) before they were rediscovered by Jazze Pha in 2006. Their career lasted up until 2010 when they were lost in reshuffling following Capitol Records' acquisition by Universal.

Never leaked or seen before anywhere!

Intro 1:21
Miss P. 4:04
Stay With You 3:48
I Won't Leave You 3:35
Loving You 3:39
Voices Beyond 4:12
Better Be Me 3:47
Gimmie Some Space 3:29
I Told Ya 4:21
I Wanna Be Your Girl 3:58
Poisonous 3:37
Boyfriend 4:24
Power Of The Female 3:24