Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sa Lee Na: S/T (Rangel Entertainment, 2002)

Teenage indie R&B from the midwest (Kansas City) with the above artist who I sadly know nothing about but as per the lyrics she was only 13 when she recorded this very short album. Mainly a very underground R&B-pop sound with 5 bonus tracks from a rap artist named K.C. Smooth (her father) tacked on at the end. The artists don't really go together but they were undoubtedly on the same local label. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Intro 0:35
Sa Lee Na 3:13
I Want You To Groove 3:38
Dreams 4:21
Ready Or Not 4:10
Summer Time 3:38
How We Kick It 3:28
Things I Need 3:23
Want You To Groove (Remix) 2:54
Outro 0:56
10 Seconds 0:10
Mexican Playa 4:47
Want the World 3:41 (Featuring Sa Lee Na)
What's the World Coming 2 3:35 (Featuring Dog G & Dice)
Shinin' Star 4:20