Sunday, January 15, 2017

Los Entertainment: The New Beginning (Cassette Comp) (Los Entertainment, 1996)

Further obscure compilation from the North featuring a selection of hip hop & R&B artists that you wouldn't have seen on MTV or VH1 in the 90s. The first artist Janine (Williams) was formally one half of the short-lived Detroit R&B duo FABU in the mid 90s while the other Four Men are an R&B vocal quartet from Wisconsin who bear more than a passing resemblance to Boyz II Men. Williams later went on to release an EP via Alkey Records in 2001; Four Men stayed with the above label and released an EP and two singles in the later half of the 90s. All of the songs here are unreleased but for Williams' Better Without You which was featured on her 2001 EP along with two newer compositions. Williams - whose husky alto gives more than a passing nod to Toni Braxton's - also makes supporting appearances on a few other tracks here as well a backing vocalist. heard it here first 😏

Intro 0:33
Biography (Interlude) 1:20
You're The One 4:06 (Janine)
Feel The Love 4:17 (Four Men)
Cash Rules 5:09 (C.O.I. featuring Janine)
Hit It From The Back 4:21 (Tru & Clear featuring Janine)
Better Without You 4:50 (Janine)
Kissing A Stranger 4:28 (Four Men)
Feel The Need 4:26 (Tru & Clear featuring Janine)
C.O.I. Interview (Interlude) 1:06
Erroll Flynns 5:02 (C.O.I.)
Outro Thanks 1:16