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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tru: Tru Is Clever (EP) (Tru Productions, 200x)

Another obscurity found while digging through the crates in Virginia, a Portsmouth teenage rapper/singer with attitude. There's no date of release but the sound - a mixture of urban-pop and pop-rap - is very early 2000s.  I don't think that it is a demo but there's no information about the artist anywhere. No doubt a very local pressing to Virginia.

Clever 3:19
The Life I Live 4:28
Dead Wrong 3:50
Shut It Down 3:42

Many thanks again to Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets and his friend. Other unique releases found while digging through the crates in the Mother State can be found here:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sounds Of The South: The Sounds Begin...(CD Comp) (Sounds Of The South Music, 2001)

Obscure compilation from the south featuring a selection of obscure hip hop/R&B/blues artists from Fort Worth, Texas and other places. Sadly not the best comp I've unearthed; aside from the over abundance of bad early 2000s hip hop, the production and vocals are not the best but there are a few decent cuts here. Most of the artists featured are pretty obscure but rapper Ed "D" Kane (tracks 5 & 10) later went on to work with Grammy Award-winning artist Anthony Hamilton. Kane hails from Charlotte, NC. Also featured is Dee Dee Simon (AKA Danisha Starr) providing backing vocals on track 9.

Intro 0:37
777-2000 4:37
Did I Ask You 4:39
Swing My Way 4:06
But The Money 3:33
Not Thru (Lovin' You) 4:10
1, 2, 3 4:07
Never 4:21
If I Were (Your Woman) 3:39
Ghetto Love 4:01
Cozy 4:00
54 Hensley Drive 3:41
Roll With Me 4:07
Finished (What I Started) 1:17

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blacksmith: Demo (199x)

8-track demo from 8-track demo/test-pressing from UK producer Peter Blacksmith (real name Peter Trotman)  featuring tracks for Rhythm-N-Bass and others from artists unknown. Formally known as The Beat Lads, Trotman later formed Blacksmith with Hugh Atkins and Karl Atkins and together they released a handful of 12" singles throughout the 90s before moving on to producing/remixing. Along with Cutfather & Joe, The Ignorants and Full Crew, they were at the forefront of remixing many popular UK artists in the late 90s and early 2000s. I don't know when this demo was recorded but the sound is early to mid 90s UK street soul/acid jazz with funky beats, lots of synths and smooth, melodic male vocals. Made at Sony Music Operations, presumably in the West Coast.

One of the people [Brady Blade] mentioned in the contact info was an A&R guy at several labels before working with the UK acid jazz/funk outfit the Brand New Heavies in the 90s.

Let Me Show You 6:05
Can't Stop 4:19 (Early demo) (Rhythm-N-Bass)
The Power 4:44
The One 4 Me 5:28
Never Leave U Lonely 6:17 (Early demo) (Rhythm-N-Bass)
Rhythm Of Life 4:50
Best Of Love 4:34
Time 4 Love 4:26

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Unknown Male Group: JPD Jams (Demo) (199x)

More unknown male R&B and featuring 1 track smooth, synthy R&B and 1 track early 90s (possibly 1992 or 1993) New Jack Swing. I know nothing about it but as with a lot of these old demo cassettes I unearth, had some connection to an unnamed Sony producer back in the days. Both tracks feature different vocalists so assuming either a male group or two different soloists here.

Approximate titles given

Like The Children 4:50
Give You The Best Of Me 3:41

Monday, December 4, 2017

The San Fransisco Originals: Demo [EP] (R&B Productions, 1991)

A further demonstration from a male group or duo who - as their name implies - originated from the San Francisco area in the early 90s. There's no information about them anywhere but the sound is a blend of modern soul, blues and New Jack Swing; somewhat similar to LeVert when they first came out in the late 80s maybe but slightly less poppy. All are original songs with the exception of track 4 which is a cover of The Temptations song of the same name.

Let Me Know 4:30
The Love We Shared 4:37
Story Of My Life 4:09
I Wish It Would Rain 4:00

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Various Artists: Lorenzo Pryor Demo [EP] (199x)

Unreleased music from Lorenzo Pryor, who was songwriter/producer who worked with the DeBarge family in the 80s. In the 90s, he wrote songs for Snoop's protegee Delano, the R&B quartet Harmony Innocents and The Rainbow Girls. The above tape contains 3 songs that I can't find any information about and I am presuming that they were never used. There is no date of issuance but guessing early 90s judging by the sound. Featuring 1 upbeat (New Jack Swing maybe?) and 2 slow jams, the first a old skool R&B track with smouldering vocals while the second more of a pop-soul  style like Whitney Houston. All appear to feature different female vocalists with additional male vocals on track 2.

Approximate titles

I Can Give You Anything You Want 6:06
It's Alright 4:27
If It's Only Love 3:53

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Valerie: Where Is The Love? (Kon-Kord Records, 1997)

Great sounds from Hollywood, CA with Valerie, a soulful vocalist mostly known around collector's circles for her single "Crazy About You" which was released in 1997. I don't know anything about the artist but the label Kon-Kord Records had been active since 1979 and mainly focused on soul and blues music. Other artists on their roster that my fellow indie people may know include Serenade (male R&B group), M. Spivey, and Chazz Dixon. Sadly the above album seems to be pretty obscure with no mentions of it at all on the label's website (last updated in 2014) or anywhere else online. Though the front cover leaves a lot to be desired, is an array of many different styles not limited to contemporary R&B, funk, 80s hip hop and even a little new wave with sultry, soulful vocals.

Though they share the same name, the above Valerie is a totally different artist to the gal I have posted here.

Crazy About You 4:32
Where Is The Love 3:34
Why Is He So Good To Me 4:09
Don't Lead Me On 5:59
Dance Partner 5:06
Hour Of Love 4:34
(Why Can't People) Be For Real 5:07
Don't Make Me Walk Away 4:54
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) 4:48
Jam Around The World 6:14
Emergency 5:10
Ageless Love 3:03

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nesa: Lovers Like Us (Imani-Marie Records, 1999)

Hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, slinky urban-pop fashioned to appeal to fans of Aaliyah, Brandy, Janet and others from the late 90s/early 2000s era. I don't know much about the artist but she does have a past profile on Sonicbids where her music is touted as "melt in your mouth" and "smooth and silky." The label is an obscure one as well with only one other release to their name, a G-Funk compilation "L.A Borderlines Volume 1."

Anything 3:27
Take Me Higher 3:53
Making Time 4:59
Lovers Like Us 4:10
Interlude 1:25
If It's Love 3:30
Patchouli Amber Moon 4:19
Simply Exquisite 5:57
Keep It Real 3:50
Can't Let Go 3:15
I'm Down 4:29
Cutie Pie 4:42 (One Way cover)
Sunshine 3:22
Superwoman 3:48

Monday, November 27, 2017

Foxx Empire: Walking In Rhythm (Cassette Maxi) (In-D Pocket Records, 1993)

A further obscure trio from Glendale, California and who released the above single and one full-length album between 1993-1994. The song itself sadly is not R&B - it is very discoey - but the b-side track once again is early 90s New Jack Swing at its best. Both this and a remixed version of the single appear on their album which was released about a year later. 

Walking In Rhythm [Radio] 4:01
Walking In Rhythm [House] 4:02
Do You Want Me 4:13

Many thanks again to Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets for his OG rip

De-Vo-Te': Given Me Love (Cassette Maxi) (Sweet Harmony Records, 1993)

Continuing on with my on-going kick for obscure girl groups from the 90s and 2000s, here is a quintet from Columbus, GA that were managed by Chicago vocalist Vanessa "Nessa" Holmes (best known around collector's circles for this indie release here.) The track is a slow jam but the b-side "Apple Of My Eye" is a good representation of some early 90s New Jack Swing. Unfortunately I can find no evidence that their album T.A.K.E.N. (an acronym for their names Tasha, Amber, Kanetha, Evengeline and Nikitia) was ever released butmthe above set was re-issued as "In Harmony We Grow" on CD at some point shortly after. 

Given Me Love [Radio Edit] 4:26
Given Me Love [Instrumental] 4:30
Given Me Love [Quiet Storm Mix] 4:30
Apple Of My Eye [Radio Edit] 4:30
Apple Of My Eye [Intrumental] 4:23
Apple Of My Eye [Hip Hop Mix] 5:50

~Many thanks once again to Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets for his OG rip~

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Eboni: Are U Coming Back (VLS) (Taylor Music, 1997)

Second release from underground Washington DC artist Eboni and produced by Spencer Ballamy, formally a DJ with Howie Tee's "Count Disco" crew in the 80s. With a similar sample-rich sound as on her previous release, I am presuming it was recorded for her album Lessons In Love which was not released. The rap verse comes from T-Finesse of the NYC hip hop duo Owtlawz who, as far as I can tell, are unrelated to 2Pac's former clique of the same name.

Are U Coming Back [Radio w Rap] 3:52
Are U Coming Back [Instrumental] 3:52
Are U Coming Back [Radio without Rap] 3:48
Are U Coming Back [Acappella] 3:54

~Stuaaart OG rips all the way~

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eboni: I've Got Luv'n On My Mind (VLS) (Die Hard Recordings, 1996)

Released to coincide with the popularity of freestyling in the late 90s, this track got an honorable mention in Vibe magazine back in '96 where it was touted as having "more soul than Flyguy's shoes." It uses the instrumental from Smoothe Da Hustla's "Broken Language" and was produced by NYC hip hop duo Owtlawz (Hakim & T-Finesse/unrelated to 2Pac's former homies that have a similar name BTW.) She recorded a whole album, titled "Lessons In Love", but I don't believe it was ever released. She did however release an additional single "Are U Coming Back" via a different label the following year. 

I've Got Luv'n On My Mind [Without Rap] 3:53
I've Got Luv'n On My Mind [With Rap] 3:53
I've Got Luv'n On My Mind [Instrumental] 3:52 (unlisted on label)

OG copy ripped by my pal Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets

A Man Named (Waugh): Like 2 Lay Ya Down (VLS) (Sheik Records, 1992)

Formally known as D.J. Fresh (The One Man Band), the above guy was an underground rapper from the 80s who, after dabbling in some East Coast hip hop, turned his hand at some phat New Jack Swing in the early 90s. Once again, another brilliant find from my regular contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets. Don't forget to stop by and show some luv 👍

Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Lay Ya Down Mix] 4:33
Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Radio Jack Swing Mix] 4:34
Like 2 Lay Ya Down [Club Mix] 4:18
Sex Me, Grind Me [Sex Me Radio Mix] 3:43
Sex Me, Grind Me [Sex Me, Jack Me Mix] 4:32
Sex Me, Grind Me [Club Mix] 3:57

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cherish: The Moment (Promo CDr) (Off The Wall Entertainment, 200x)

An early sampler of music from Atlanta R&B group Cherish which may or may not have been compiled before they were signed by Warner Bros. Records in 2003. Of the 5 tracks included, 4 & 5 went on to appear on the final track-list to their shelved LP The Moment while track 3 later made an appearance on Unappreciated in 2006. All sound finished and virtually indistinguishable from album versions. The remainder 2 are presumably demos and have never appeared on any album or leaked at all to my knowledge. There's no credits but track 3 was produced by ex-Hit Men Squad producer Adonis Shropshire and track 3 by ex-Kiara member Greg Charley. Again such a shame that this earlier work was not released. In my opinion, the more poppy stuff worked way better for them.

The Club 3:22
Jealous 3:27
Ohh 3:57
I Told Ya 4:23
Boyfriend 4:24

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Stylz: Demo Cassette [EP] (199x)

Further obscure R&B from an unknown male group, possibly a demonstration although I am not 100% certain. I know nothing about them but I believe they might be an early incarnation of this group here - produced by singer-songwriter Mikki Bleu - from the Houston TX area. There's no date of recording/issuance but guessing mid 90s judging by the smooth R&B sound. They don't remind me of anybody in particular but a few tracks ("Candlelight", "Pink") are somewhat reminiscent of the romantic side of some 90s groups such as Tony Toni Tone and Mint Condition.

Irresistible 4:43
Take Me Away 4:51
We Can Make It Happen 4:19
Candlelight 4:53
Touch Me 4:19
I B 4:00
Pink 5:37

Friday, October 27, 2017

Victory: Conversation (Promo Cassette) (Atlantic, 199x)

Seemingly unreleased project from an unknown male group and found on promo cassette only. I have searched high and low for any information about them but absolutely nothing comes up - and I mean nothing. They don't appear to have any singles and this tape was mistakenly put in the discography of a Italodance act of the same name. I have searched song titles and once again, nothing comes up - and I mean nothing. There is no date of recording/issuance but guessing 1992/1993 judging by the sound which is mostly quiet storm R&B/New Jack Swing in the same vein as early Jodeci with tight Shai-type vocal harmonies. Definitely better than the two groups that Atlantic did release Levert and All-4-One, why it seemingly did not see light light of day will forever remain a mystery to me.

What Will It Take 4:49
Lay Your Love On Me 5:56
Take It 7:12
Conversation 5:18
I Recommend Love 4:22
Content Of Reason 3:17
It Takes A Fool 5:23
Funny How Things Change 4:11
All Day All Night 4:49
I Can Taste It 4:35
Come Home 4:46

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tamia: Album Advance (Promo CDr) (Elektra, 2003)

Another stalled project from the abysmal Elektra Records, well known for its delays and cancellations of many quality R&B projects in the late 90s-early-2000s era, but for once, from what I can tell, this one was beyond their control. It was Tamia's diagnosis with multiple sclerosis that pushed this one back by a year though due to the label's wish to include productions by Poke and Tone the version that they released in the end was drastically different. Originally titled "Still", the album was to have the above track-listing but upon its release in 2004 five tracks had been pulled in favor of a cover song and lackluster collaborations with rappers. LQ Internet leaks of "Hold Up" and "Don't Think" have been in

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Unknown: Ms. Pearly (Demo Cassette) (MNM Music Group, 199x)

A further obscure demo by a male artist or group and intended to be used in an undisclosed movie or soundtrack. It's a typical romantic male slow jam with soft, melodic vocals and rich, smooth harmonies.  Not date of recording but says "January 10, 19" on the J-Card so I am assuming mid to late 90s at the least.

Again thanks to my co-contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastrets for the contribution.

Ms. Pearly 5:23

Baby Girl: You Can't Turn Me Off (Demo Cassette) (199x)

Acquired from my co-contributor Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets, a further demo cassette from a mystery female artist and recorded onto a multi-track analog master, probably in the early 90s. It is a somewhat DIY rendition of 70s soul group High Inergy's song of the same name and combines elements of synth, soul and rap. I don't know much about them but their original rendition reached number two on the Billboard Black Singles Chart in 1978.

Vocal & Rap 4:03
Instrumental 4:04

Monday, October 16, 2017

BlackGirl: Treat U Right (Promo Cassette) (Kaper/RCA Records, 1994)

Advance pressing of BlackGirl's one and only album featuring tracks (1, 11) that did not make the final cut. Along with NKRU, they were another group group signed to RCA's urban label Kaper Records in the early to mid 90s. While the more rap-orientated NKRU never went beyond one single, this group seemed to fair better with four singles between 1993-1994, including two that charted on the Hot 100. They released one album Treat U Right that featured production from a pre-Redzone Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Derek Allen (mostly known for his work with Bobby Brown) and Dallas Austin's then-associate Arnold Hennings. Signed to the same label as the immensely popular SWV, they were lucky that they didn't get too much shade but sadly their career never progressed any further despite being nominated for two Soul Train awards in 1995.

Many thanks again to my pal Stuaaart over @ beat4dastreets for his OG press

D.O.B.G. (Definition Of A Blackgirl) 1:57 (Unreleased)
Krazy 4:35
Treat U Right 5:01
Can U Feel It 5:22
Where Did We Go Wrong 5:20
Chains Of Love 4:52
Ooh Yeah (Smooth) 5:24
90s Girl 5:21
Nubian Prince 6:25
Things We Used To Do 4:50
Are You Alone 4:39 (Unreleased)
Can't Live Without You 5:16
Let's Do It Again 4:56

NOTE: Despite being listed on the front, Too Fast does not appear anywhere on the cassette

Monday, October 9, 2017

Jamecia: So Special (Promo Cassette) (Mercury, 1995)

More unreleased R&B from Mercury Records, this time the daughter of renowned gospel artist Ann Nesby and mostly known for her only single "Rodeo Style" in '94. Sadly I don't know much about her but it appears she got her start singing soprano with her mother in the gospel super group Sounds Of Blackness in 1991. This apparently lead to her being discovered by Mercury Records where she went on to release two singles as a solo artist. Neither got much of a wide release - promo only from what I can tell - but "Rodeo Style" appeared on the soundtrack to the 1994 movie Jason's Lyric. She recorded a whole album which for reasons unknown never saw the light of day but some tracks were later leaked to bootleg vinyl with the title "Jamecia - The Album" around '96. I don't know much about the production side but a least a few tracks were produced by Chad "Ceuss" Elliott, who was formally a member of Devante's Swing Mob team in the 90s.

Prelude [Take Me] 0:49
Very Special 4:56
All Night Long 4:40
Run To Me 4:49
Wonderful 4:24
Rodeo Style 4:33
Paris Interlude 1:38
Keep It Real 3:30
It's Alright 3:57
Dr. Ceuss Interlude 2:17
24 Hours 4:18
Do Me Baby 4:30
What's The Reason 4:42
Love Is Gonna Get U 5:22

OG copy personally ripped by my pal Stuaaart over @ beats4dastreets

Adrian & Terrell: Dance With Me (Promo VLS) (Red Dot Records, 199x)

More obscure R&B on vinyl that I know little about but might be based out of Wilmington, DE from the only other release found under this label on Discogs. Quite possibly a test press but don't know for exact certain. No date of release but guessing the late 90s from the sample-rich hip hop sound. 

~Another beats4dastreets exclusive~

Dance With Me [Main Edit W Rap] 3:58
Dance With Me [Instrumental] 3:54
Dance With Me [Main Edit No Rap] 3:58
Dance With Me [Acappella] 3:56

Friday, September 22, 2017

Charmagne: Cafe On Magne (Prophet Records, 2000)

Another lucky find while online crate digging, the full-length album from Charmagne whose only single is posted here. It was an obscure but great find from my co-contributor Stuaaart and after some digging about online I realized that the artist was none other than Charmagne Tripp, better known to some for her feature on Eminem's 2009 song We Made You. Her single was released in 1998 but the above album came two years later and is a blend of jazzy and  late 90s mellow R&B with smooth, silky vocals 💯👌. It is a good compliment to her 2004 album Purpose, which can be found on CDBaby, and similarities can be drawn to Chanté Moore and another indie artist featured here Tracey McLiechey.

Tripp hails from Hartford, Connecticut.   

Heaven 4:06
I'm Comin Over 4:21
Will You 4:46
Don't Just Walk Away 4:10
Are You Sure 4:58
Can't Play Me 4:10
R U Ready 4:15
What Would She Do 5:36
Are You Sure (3D Remix) 4:55

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Charm: Under Lock & Key (Self-Released, 200x)

A further mystery purchase that - despite being a little too recent for me - turned out to be quite enjoyable. I don't know much about the artist but from what little I was able to find says she was London-based and puts the release date at about 2012. The musical style is a mixture of piano-driven neo-soul and electronic R&B ballads, very synonymous with work by Ashanti, Alicia Keys and others from the mid-to-late 2000s era.

No Love In My Life 3:56
Changing 4:02
Falling Down 5:01
Fine (Interlude) 1:53
Cool 4:11
Hold On (feat. G. Logan) 4:57
Under Lock & Key 4:27
Replay 4:47
For Your Love 3:39
Come Over (Bonus Track) 3:43

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dawn Blair: No Turning Back (Demo) (Self-Released, 200x)

From our guy in Virginia, another artist found while digging through the crates and kindly sent to me once again from my regular contributor Stuaaart. The artist, who hails from Powhatan, VA, can be found on SoundClick where she is or was an unsigned artist. I believe this project was a demo but I don't know for exact certain. The CD itself is a Verbatim vinyl CDr; regardless, the sound here is mid 2000s contemporary R&B with jazzy/bluesy samples and neo soul facets. Scroll down for our collection so far.

Uninterrupted 4:41
Any Good 3:46
Loving You 5:07
Crazy Game 3:55
The Only One 3:21
Have You Ever 5:13
Champion 3:33
Feelings 4:34
No Turning Back 3:44
At Your Feet 3:19
You've Done Me Wrong 3:19
Business Goes On 3:25

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kenyatta: Finally (Precise Records Inc., 2004)

Continuing on with our East Coast crate digging expedition, a further mystery artist that we know nothing about but has a smooth contemporary R&B sound a la Cree with bomb vocals. The booklet had water damage so much of the text has been destroyed but from Virginia as per one of the featured artists and his said group DMP AKA DurTe MuZik Prahdukshun (Norfolk-based.) Again many thanks again to Stuaaart and his homie for acquiring this gem.

Allnyte 4:01
Mekhai's Lullaby 2:36
Who Loves You 4:32
Get Down 2:43
Caress 3:49
Lonely Girl (Melody) 0:54
Best Of Me ft. Khi Killiams 3:47
Control 3:41
Exposed 0:42
Your Song (Baby Come & Go) 4:19
If You Only Knew 4:12
Finally 2:58

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Charmagne: Will You (CDM) (Prophet Records, 1998)

Further obscure 90s R&B from Hartford, CT's Charmagne Tripp who is mostly known for providing the hook on Eminem's 2009 song We Made You. Sadly despite the major artist feature, she never really took off like some of his other guests did but still continues to perform regularly in the Hartford area. She released an album in 2004 titled Purpose which employs a similar smooth sound. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Will You 4:48
Will You [Insturmental] 4:46
Will You [Acappella] 4:43
Will You [ISIS Remix] 7:30
Will You [Foster Street Mix] 4:57

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Aaries: 5-Song Sampler (Promo CDr) (Atlantic, 200x)

Along with JS, LovHer, Lyric and Tha 'Rayne, Atlantic's Aaries were another of the new generation of R&B groups to hit the airwaves - albeit briefly - in the early 2000s.The product of Musiq Soulchild, the duo, out of Philly, had been doing backup for him since 2000 and in 2001 featured on his song "If I Woulda Knew" for Def Soul records. By themselves, they released two singles "Strangers To Lovers" and "Eventhough" but as with many new groups back then, neither went beyond the promo stage and their up-coming album "Always Remember" was eventually shelved. Rather than opting for the urban-crossover appeal, they used the neo-soul format with production coming from ?uestlove of The Roots and Musiq Soulchild's producer Carvin Haggins. As far as I know there is no full advance of the album but two different samplers featuring select tracks do exist. Again quite a pity that they went nowhere but Atlantic wasn't really the best place to be if you were a true urban artist. A few years later they squandered another great talent Deemi... 

The above one, a labelled CDr, has the advantage over the other one (PRCD 30099) as it features 5 full tracks.

Eventhough 3:44
Strangers To Lovers 3:40
So Nice 3:38
Take U Back 5:07
Baby This Love 8:07

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Achewood: Let's Get The Loot (VLS) (Under Pressure Entertainmment, Inc., 1998)

More hip-hop-inspired R&B from Virginia Beach with Achewood, who now goes by his full name Achewood Benjamin. Back then he dabbled in only what I could describe as thug R&B but nowadays has more of a radio-friendly sound. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Let's Get The Loot [Album Mix] 4:25
Let's Get The Loot [Radio Mix] 4:25
Let's Get The Loot [Instrumental] 4:36
Jig Mo' 4:18

T.P. Elliston: Dream (VLS) (Homey Ent., 2002)

Early 2000s obscurity from Brooklyn, NY and what appears to be an early recording by a political R&B/hip hop artist named T.P. Elliston. His vocal range is limited and the overall feel here is more hip hop than R&B but the production on the title track especially is fairly contemporary-sounding for its day. Many thanks once again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Dream ft. Real 4:32
Dream [Instrumental] 4:34
Dream [Acappella] 4:23
Step Into My World ft. AJane & Real 3:48
Step Into My World ft. AJane & Real [Remix] 3:40
Step Into My World [Instrumental] 3:44

Eric La Sean: Do Whatcha Wanna Do (VLS) (Sure Thang Records, 199x)

More rather obscure male R&B on vinyl and funky mid-to-late 90s funk/soul with powerful blues vocals. Nothing is known about the artist but he originates from Atlanta, GA and is one of only two  two artists the label put out, the other being a hip hop duo Tab $ &  Da Villin. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution. 

Do Whatcha Wanna Do 3:46
Do Whatcha Wanna Do [Extended Mix] 7:24

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Taste: All Up On It! (EP) (Graphiq Records, 1992)

Further obscure R&B on vinyl, this time from a male group or duo and musically early 90s New Jack Swing with Synth influences. I don't know anything about them but they have origins in Manhattan, NYC as per the phone number given. The vocals aren't that great and the production - by the group themselves - is a little underground-sounding on some tracks but that's the way we like 'em. There's no information on the label but I don't think it's related to this one in any way.

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Lick It Like You Like It 1:35
Doya 3:02
Touch You 4:27
'Cause I'm Witcha 4:13
She Wants Me 3:06
Doya [Booty Mix] 2:26
Witcha - Take It To The Ghetto 3:50

Monday, July 31, 2017

Michael Gore: Just Chill'in (VLS) (Boss Ent. Records, 1997)

More indie R&B on vinyl from a further male artist I know nothing about but has origins in Virginia (possibly.) As obscure as they come (both the label and people involved do not come up in any searches either), the title track is a typical 90s jeep joint while the b-side the type of sexy slow jam that only a male artist could pull off the best. 

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for sending it over. 

Just Chill'in 4:09
Just Chill'in [Remix] 4:10
Just Chill'in [Instrumental] 4:10
Let Me Know 5:10

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Circular Motion: Adore You (VLS) (Soul Sounds, 199x)

Super obscure pressing out of NC featuring either a male duo or a group. I know nothing about them but the recording studio later hosted notable Southern hip hop acts such as The St. Lunatics and G.A. Girlz. Though the duo/group itself hails from North Carolina, the track was recorded in Decatur, Georgia. No date of release but mid-to-late 90s judging by the smooth, sexy sound.

Many thanks again to my good pal Stuaaart who owns an ORIGINAL copy of this record.

Adore You [Bomb Mix] 3:56*
Adore You [Rippling Onion Mix] 3:47
Adore You [Instrumental] 3:57
Adore You [Smooth But Funky Mix] 4:07
Adore You [Original Mix] 4:06
Adore You [Instrumental] 4:07

*Includes an alternative vocal take

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kym: My Mind (Critone Records, 1997)

From Sacramento, California, the first album from late singer-songwriter Kimberly Kimbrough (previously Botts) which - along with Tracey McLiechey's 1999 LP - is one of the best I've had the pleasure of listening to in recent months. A mixture of sexy, smooth R&B and simmering quiet storm soul that the best the old skool 90s had to offer, the production is simply amazing but sadly still quite underground. In 2014, she produced a second project Willie & Me with the help of fellow Sacramento musician Willie G. Martin Jr. For a college project, I don't know if it was ever widely distributed but it did earn her a degree in music. According to Martin's bio, she was planning to pursue her recording career further but  sadly she passed away two years later in 2016.

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for contributing this gem. Once again, I would like to point out that he owns an original copy that he brought himself.

You Turn Me On 3:22
Do You Feel? 4:18
Take It Slow 3:50
Gotta Move On 3:57
My #? 4:00
Rukus Going On 4:21
My Mind 4:24
Where Daisies Grow 4:16
The Lover In You 6:06
Only You Can Stop The Rain 3:53
Anticipation 3:41
Am I Losing You? 4:24
Let Him Go 4:19
It's Too Late 3:42 (a cover of Carol King's 1971 song of the same name.)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Strictly Gyrllz: Don't Play Me (Promo VLS) (Marcola Records, 1990)

From Northern California, a further obscure trio on vinyl and with a similar poppy New Jack Swing sound to Terri Robinson & Monica Payne's first group The Gyrlz (1988.) It was written by one member Lainika Johnson when she was only 15 but sadly she did not receive credit for it. It seems to be the only thing they ever did but one of the producers Jay Lincoln later went on to produce for Destiny's Child.

Don't Play Me [Radio Mix] 3:31
Don't Play Me [Sucha Booty Mix] 3:33
Don't Play Me [Flashback Mix] 3:21
Don't Play Me [The Lost Vocal Mix] 3:33

Sunday, July 2, 2017

More Obscure European Girl Groups (1994-2001)


Outta Europe, 4 more obscure R&B/pop groups that you probably haven't heard of before and active between 1998-2001. Three (J'Leish, Charli and Teeze) were from the UK while the last Natural Impact were from the Netherlands or at least Netherlands-based. J'Leish were signed to British rapper Funky DL's label Washington Classics while Teeze were signed to Paul Hardcastle's label Total Control Records which is now defunct. Teeze's song - a cover of LeVert's track of the same name -

Friday, June 30, 2017

Indonesia: Do Thangz (Remixes) (Promo VLS) (Riot Records, 1994)

Copied from original post: Along with NKRU and Ladies 1st, here is yet another 90s R&B/New Jack Swing group that sadly went nowhere despite being hyped by their label as bringing a "fresh street perspective to R&B music." Unfortunately, there was no shortage of groups like this during the early to mid 90s (SWV, TLC to name a few) and although it got a positive review from Billboard Magazine (April 22nd, 1994 issue) and made a noticeable impact on the Hot R&B Singles chart, these "sassy chirping street dolls" quickly followed the others back into obscurity. The above song - a chilled West Coast vibe - never made it off the radio (meaning it was never distributed to the general public) but a video to the song must've been made as it did appear on MTV's on-demand station The Box. Again such a shame that they went nowhere. Like many other R&B groups and singers during the 90s and early 2000s, it seems they were just around to fill that given year's quota for black and urban music. Dope remixes of the short-lived trio's only single and released to test press vinyl only in 1994. I didn't think anything could trump the original...boy I was wrong. 

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for this amazing score!

Original Version 3:53
Soul Mechanic Remix 4:40
Funky Worm Remix 4:14
Soul Mechanic Club Mix 4:57
David Meyes Funky Worm Club Mix 5:33

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Single: All The Way (Promo CDM) (Prescott Records, 1997)

Here is a further smooth male duo or group that doesn't appear to exist anywhere but as from its promo status, was obviously intended for a wider release at some point. Similar to H-Town and other classic 90s vocal groups like them, I don't know where they are from exactly but the song itself appears to have been recorded in Poughkeepsie, NY.

A Beats4DaStreets and Jewel Case Heaven exclusive only.

Radio Version 3:20
Radio Edit 3:20
LP Version 3:19
LP Edit 3:17

Notes: Tracks 1 & 2 appear to be the same while tracks 3 & 4 appear to be identical TV versions.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sesil & Lujon: What's Still Going On (EP) (Just Play It Records, 1996)

Obscure release from Virginia artist and Marvin Gaye protegee Sesil Jenkins, who was originally one half of soul/funk duo Sesil & Lujon in the late 80s. Featuring two main tracks, Jenkins appears by himself on "I Do...Baby" while the B-side track "Send For Me" was co-written with his former bandmate Delecta "Lujon" Johnson. "I Do...Baby" and it's subsequent mixes feature an uncredited sample from Public Enemy's 1988 song "Security Of The First World" and was supposedly released as a single. I can't find any information about this but at least one copy of the b-side track "Send For Me" has sold on 12" vinyl format in the past.  This is more in line with the sort of modern soul stuff he was doing with Johnson in the late 80s and was slated to be taken from an album "For Women Only," which I also can't find any information about. Running at over 7 minutes long, it appears unfinished or at best partially instrumental.

Thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution! More mega rare Virginia indie R&B to come!

I Do... Baby (Dance Party Mix) 8:09
I Do... Baby (Royal Raw Funk Mix I) 5:42
I Do... Baby (Royal Raw Funk Mix II) 5:17
I Do... Baby (Royal Raw Funk Mix III) 5:13
Send For Me 7:18

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Creme: Get Your Weight Up (KPJ Entertainment, 2004)

From the East Coast, a further local obscurity that Stuaaart managed to bag which I cannot find a scrap of information on. Appearing to be self-released, the disc itself appears to be a silver CDr and there is not much information to be found on the artist, producers or any of the people involved anywhere. The music is predominantly smooth R&B with the production sounding slightly DIY on some tracks but very tight on others. Some have a slight old skool feel about them (Game Recognize Game and the melodious Don't Make Me Wait) while others are more aligned with the early 2000s. Again, no information about the actual artist anywhere but he was either from Virginia or Northern New Jersey.

Although I am not sure what track he featured on, I got one hit off Jersey-based MC Barrage of Roll Something Records. The label still appears to be active and their Soundcloud profile is here.

Intro 0:16
Beautiful 3:43
Game Recognize Game 3:18
Don't Make Me Wait 3:45
Ghetto Fabulous 3:22
I'm Wit It 3:46
Shut It Down 3:22
Sunshine 3:36
In The Hood 4:11
Where Do They Go 3:27
Born To Play 3:57

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2 Da Real Music: Jams Volume 1 (2 Da Real Music, 1999)

Another obscure compilation featuring a selection of indie artists based out of Newnan, GA. Featured are five in total, Rhonda "Roni" Wilkins (smooth modern soul with "Sorry Won't Make It Right"), Nado Harris (smooth R&B with "Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds" and 1 other), Quasim "Q" Coleman (smooth jazzy R&B with "Something You Did To Me" and on the New Jack Swing tip with "Love At First Sight"), Imari (smooth contemporary R&B with "You Want Your Cake" and 1 other) and Uriah, the compilation's sole Hip Hop/Rap artist and featuring contributions from Nado Harris ("Watcha C") and Rhonda "Roni" Wilkins ("You Want Your Cake - Remix".) Undoubtedly local artists that never did much else, only one of them (Quasim "Q") has any online presence at all and his latter more jazz-influenced work can be brought on CDBaby. He has been active since the mid 80s at least as one half of a funk duo named Quest.  

Just remember where you heard it first 👈

Sorry Won't Make It Right (Featuring Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 4:07
Watcha C (Featuring Uriah) 3:40
Don't Bite The Hand (Featuring Nado Harris) 4:56
I Appreciate You (Featuring Imari) 4:59
Something You Did To Me (Featuring Quasim 'Q' Coleman) 3:49
Sleeping With Someone Else (Featuring Nado Harris) 4:03
I'm Not Afraid (Dance Mix) (Featuring Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 5:51
You Want Your Cake (Featuring Imari) 3:58
Love At First Sight (Featuring Quasim 'Q' Coleman) 3:51
You Want Your Cake (Remix) (Featuring Uriah, Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 4:24
I'm Not Afraid (House Mix) (Featuring Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins, Kiah Rogers & Cornelious Coe) 5:52
You Want Your Cake (Radio Remix) (Featuring Uriah, Rhonda 'Roni' Wilkins) 4:24

Friday, June 9, 2017

Tika: The Never Ending Story...(Doe Mac Records, 2002)

Another quite underground but fairly contemporary (for its day) release from Las Vegas, NV. The sound is mostly early 2000s urban-crossover R&B in the style of Monica, Ashanti and other "do me wrong" artists from that era but vocally a lot stronger and with better harmonies. Not much - if anything - is known about the artist but I believe following this she may have served as backup for other artists on the predominantly hip hop label, notably Las Vegas rapper X1 (d. 2007.)

Introduction 0:48
I Like The Way 4:03
Until Now 4:38
Come On (featuring Doe Mac) 3:38
Just You & Me 4:12
Wonderful Day 3:31
Blewback (featuring Doe Mac & G-Lace) 3:55
Interlude 2:10
Love Is Gone 4:00
I'm Giving Back 4:05
Why 4:07
No More 3:49
Outro 0:16

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tara Michelle: Roll Wit' Me (EP) (B.I.G. Productions, 2006)

Another obscurity from the Midwest that - despite being from the mid 2000s when most stuff began to morph into electronic dance music  - has a very smooth conventional R&B feel. Many of the guest rappers are still doing their thing - Arkansas' Lil Yuk has music on You Tube and fellow Midwest rapper Pheddi has a recent song on CDBaby - but not much is known about the artist herself, who hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. I believe she may have been recently involved in a reboot of Indianapolis funk/boogie group Circle City Band although I am not 100% certain.

Tara's Party ft. X 3:58 (Includes interpolations from Mary Jane Girls' "All Night Long.")
Interlude 0:26
Why ft. D Golder & Pheddi 4:02
Like A Lady 4:49
Roll Wit' Me 4:11
Real Thing 4:06
Real Thing (Remix) ft. Lil Yuk, 40 & Eddie Caine 4:12

Friday, June 2, 2017

Catrina C: Gotta Git My Groove On (EP) (South Movement Recording, 1998)

From Anderson, SC, further under-the-radar R&B from Catrina Chester, a singer-songwriter that was formally one third of a girl group called M.A.C. (Mandy, Asabi and Catrina) before releasing this solo EP in 1998. A few tracks are influenced by southern hip hop styles but the type of music is predominantly late 90s R&B with an underground sound. Two (tracks 1 and 2) may or may not have been recorded with her former group M.A.C. and one (track 6) is a feature from the producers DJ Tuc and Cool Chuck who were also joint founders of the record label South Movement Recordings. I don't know if a full-length album was ever released but according to her Facebook page she has at least two CDs under her belt and was at one point working on a third.

Gotta Git My Groove On 3:22
Bring It On 4:42
U Were Wrong 3:22
Work It Out featuring Mr. Nance 4:04
Mr. Right (98 Remix) 4:08
N Yo Area - Bonus track featuring DJ Tuc & Cool Chuck 4:48

Monday, May 22, 2017

Eklipse: Alien Records Fall & Winter Releases (Promo CD) (Alien Records, 1996)

The second of two groups signed to Oakland-based label Alien Records, which was set up and owned by veteran producers Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy in the mid 90s. As far as I am aware, this group - an R&B sextuplet - never released a single and the three tracks on the above sampler is the only work by them I could find. I know nothing about them but they later changed their name to Sol Eklypse and under this pseudonym, they were briefly signed to Warner Bros. Records. At least two tracks from the above set ended up on their proposed album Ghetto Sol, which may or may not have been recorded for Alien initially. Produced by Foster & McElroy, some were very reminiscent of En Vogue's style although the project was abandoned in the end.

Included tracks

Eye To Eye 4:05
Last Night 4:39
Let It Flow 3:59

See previous post for complete track listing