Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Total Look & The Style: Room 252 (Promo CDM) (Rush Associated Labels/Columbia, 1992)

From 90s rap mogul Chuck D, a further female group - from Dayton, Ohio - that existed for only one single. The song - a smooth & infectious lite funky groove - made it into Billboard's "New & Noteworthy" section but despite being shared between Chuck's newly formed label P.R.O. Division, Russell Simmons' Rush Associated Labels and Motolla's Columbia division, it never became a hit and to this day not many people know about it or them. Their album Do Some Damage was not released but a track-listing can be found on CDUniverse where it seems to have an erroneous listing for some reason. Hazarding a guess at the style, I would say New Jack Swing/90s Rap similar to this group.

Radio-Video Version 3:52
The Smoothed Big Beat Flow 3:45
Caught With A Turbo Mix 3:47
High Powered Caught In The Act Dub 3:48