Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Dynasty - A NuHouse Compilation (CD Comp) (NuHouse Records, 2000)

More great urban music from the second place after Chi-Town to have a bustling underground R&B scene. From Detroit, MI.... more top quality R&B that you probably haven't heard of before and found exclusively on the above compilation from the turn of the millennium. Sort of appearing like a sampler of sorts, altogether there are 2 songs each by 7 different artists dabbling in hardcore hip hop and R&B. The first artist of interest, Roskó, is a smooth male artist who combines R&B with visuals "...As you listen to his smooth yet strong
vocals blowing over a mixture of R&B/hip hop beats, you will also follow along with his self-portrayed character, Raku, a Japanese warrior who seeks revenge against the killing of his twin brother Marku." The second Zshawntanique is a elegant female vocalist whose husky contralto bears a slight nod to Toni Braxton's and the third and final act Sygnature MCM is a male contemporary R&B trio similar to Blackstreet. (They should not be confused with the 2000s Latino/Caucasian quartet Sygnature whose only album One Voice was shelved by Columbia Records at around the same time.) Unfortunately I don't know much about any of them but only one of them Roskó ever released a single which is just as impossible to find in my opinion. Just remember where you heard it first 👌

The Dynasty (Intro) 0:56
Roskó (Skit) 0:57
Drive's Me Crazy 4:57
Why 4:06
UnDisputed (Skit) 0:35
Real Playas 4:24
Hood Rats 3:33
Zshawntanique (Skit) 0:40
Are We Giving Up 3:56
When I Cry 4:26
Robert Illo (Skit) 0:56
Mo Money 4:08
Contemplation 4:48
I.T. (Skit) 0:26
Handle Yo' Biz 4:31
We're Still Missing You 3:50
Nobodee Fo' Real (Skit) 1:52
This What They Been Waitin' Fo' 4:29
The Worse 4:43
Sygnature MCM (Skit) 1:25
Love Connection 3:44
Everytime 4:20
The Nu-House Dynasty 6:18