Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sweet Success: Forever Lover (CDM) (Gyspsy Record Co., 1993)

Further indie from the Great Lakes with this super obscure new jack swing/rap duo from Muskegon Heights, MI. Rapped with partially sung hooks and backing vocals, they are pretty similar to other outfits in this genre I've posted such as Flyy Gyrlz, Out Uv Kontrol and others signed to Wrap Records in the early to mid 90s. The title track is smooth R&B with male backing vocals while the b-side track is a more in-your-face new jack swing/rap number along the lines of early TLC. Not a promo as far as I can tell but most likely a local-only release. You probably won't find many of these discs outside of their home state.

Forever Lover (Radio Mix) 3:42
Forever Lover (Extended Mix) 5:24
Forever Lover (Echo-pella Mix) 3:33
Forever Lover (Instrumental) 5:25
Two Can Play That Game (Radio Mix) 4:04
Two Can Play That Game (Instrumental) 3:35
Two Can Play That Game (Break-down Mix) 1:54