Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shaquenta: Tha Solo Project (Twin Labels Records, 2004)

A very short but sweet first effort from Dallas singer Shaquenta whose limited range puts her in the Ashanti-class of female vocalists although without her annoying habit of trying too hard. Mostly a mixture of mellow cuts and garish electro-hop tunes (think Ciara on the way back machine), I don't know much about her but I am inclined to believe that maybe she started out as a supporting singer on the underground Dallas rap scene.

Step 2 Me 3:26
Interlude 0:30
Come Into My World 4:00
Fantasy 3:33
Radio Skit 0:41
D-Town Swing featuring ICE and Knack 3:51
Freak Me featuring McNastee 3:46
Check Out My Gurls featuring Tajuana Ray 3:29
So Long 4:09
Ghetto Love Poem 3:13
Lula Lee Pea 0:22
I Won't Complain 3:12