Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Robin: Come And Get This "Hot Stuff" (Promo EP) (Dunmore Music, 1999)

Only single from contemporary R&B singer Robin McGregor who was one of a few artists signed to Dunmore Music Promotions in the late 90s. More urban-pop than other artists on the label, I don't think any of her additional work made it off SoundClick but the b-side to the above single was re-recorded in 2011. Although no longer active as far as I can tell, most of her work can still be found there so I will not be posting any of my own samplers to You Tube.

Come And Get This Hot Stuff 5:11
Why You Lie To Me - Short Version 4:19
Why You Lie To Me - Long Version 10:23

Artist's SoundClick profile