Sunday, November 6, 2016

Melissa Mann: Unmixed & Unmastered (Promo CDr) (Sagestone Entertainment, 1999)

I don't know much about this artist but she originally had a single out in '95 titled Still In Luv on KB4 Records. It didn't get very good write ups back then and she pretty much went unnoticed until a later demonstration was discovered by the plethora of usual European bloggers and You Tube users. Back in '95 she was slated by Billboard magazine as having a "slightly limited range" but either she got better with age or they were simply wrong about her. She has a jazzy mezzo-soprano range with the ability to hit the whistle register, not unlike Chanté Moore. The unreleased music here - produced by a company based out of Beverly Hills, CA - is a mixture of funky 90s R&B and J-Lo-esque urban pop. Very polished and contemporary-sounding, I have no idea why she didn't make it, not even as an independent artist.

Player 3:58
Hooked On You 3:33
Bonafide 4:03
Over And Done 4:13