Sunday, November 6, 2016

Di'mond: So Amazing (UK VLS) (A.T. Records. 199x)

Further release from obscure British R&B artist Di'mond. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about her but I believe she might've been signed to UK label Dome Records at one point as the above song appeared on their UK Flava compilation from 1999. As with her previous song, the production is smooth late 90s R&B and comes backed with the usual onslaught of 2-step garage remixes with little vocals. No exact date of release but guessing 1999 as based off the compilation it appeared on.

Many thanks once again to Stuaaart for his rip ;-)

So Amazing (Radio Edit) 3:55
So Amazing (Bass Master Edit) 4:50
So Amazing (Bump'N' Flex Phat Daddy Escaba) 4:15
So Amazing (Es-Pe-Dee Remix) 5:49