Saturday, October 8, 2016

Unknown Female Group: Demo (Promo Cassette) (199x)

From an unnamed Sony producer, a further demo from an unknown female R&B group. There are 7 songs in total, ranging from upbeat funky tracks to smooth ballads but no clue as to who they are or who produced them. No date of recording but most likely mid 90s from the sound which is very similar to 7669, En Vogue and other funky hip hop groups like them.

Another amazing win for us from my good pal Stuaaart!

All track titles are approximate.

I'm Not That Kind Of Girl 4:18
When I'm With You 3:58
Spreading Your Love All Over 3:46
Treat Me Right 3:40
It's My Life 4:05
Where Would I Be 3:55
I'll Be Good 4:06