Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Unknown Artists: Single Song Demo Cassettes 1 (199x)

Acquired by my good friend Stuaaart, more demo cassettes by unknown artists and judging by the sound, possibly recorded during the early to mid 90s. All are female vocalists and most likely intended for demonstration work only. The first In My Own Way is an early 90s hip hop slammer that would not have sounded out of place on an early TLC album while the second Why Should I Settle 4 Less sounds suspiciously like a Babyface & LA Reid production. The latter was produced at Sweetwater Productions, now Sweetwater Digital Productions and based out of Van Nuys, California. The final two are mid 90s soul ballads and were produced for Sony and Interscope Records respectively. These actually have credits to the writers but their names don't ring a bell in any way. Again many thanks to Stuaaart for sending them my way.

Tape 1 - In My Own Way 3:37
Tape 2 - Why Should I Settle 4 Less 5:19
Tape 3 - Call It Anything You Want To 4:03
Tape 4 - That's All 4:12