Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Personèlle: Rebound (UK CDS 1 & 2) (LMP Records, 1997)

The second of two singles from 90s UK trio Personèlle, who were signed to a division of jungle/hardcore label Lucky Spin Recordings between 1996-1997. They were a primarily a pop group but incorporated elements of soul, R&B and even Motown into their music. Sadly they only ever released two singles, the R&B-flavored Nearly Missed Your Love and the above release, which is a Motown-inspired number. It's an original song (I believe) but the smooth, soulful remix on disc 2 is vastly superior. Also includes a further remix to their previous song and a b-side cut Good Together, which sounds like something Eternal might've recorded in their hey day. Unfortunately they never released an album - the mid 90s was probably the worst time to be a girl group in the UK - but a cassette sampler featuring some tracks does exist.

Rebound (Radio Edit) 3:41
Rebound (Club Mix) 3:35
Nearly Missed Your Love (R&B Remix) 4:38*
Rebound (Extended Mix) 4:26

Rebound (Soul Cut) 5:00*
Good Together 5:00
Rebound (Nookie Drum & Bass Mix) 6:19

NOTE: If anybody has the following cassette promo and is interested in a trade please contact me here. Lossless or 320 only. Please include all relevant cover scans. Offers for a sale are also welcome.