Thursday, October 27, 2016

F.E. (Ephee Cohen): Cum With Me (CDM) (Ephee's Records International Inc., 1994)

Further song from Memphis, TN-based singer Ephee Cohen which did not appear on his album All I Want To Do Is Love (posted previously.) The romantic, sexy-type of slow jam that only male singers do best, I don't know if it came before or after but here he seems to have adopted a more "pop culture" appearance as apposed to appearing in traditional Jewish garb. Contains 3 versions of the title track, including a remix which appears more like an alternative demo take with different lyrics. Unfortunately the last thing of interest that I know about from this very obscure, professional-sounding artist. Just remember where you heard it first ;-)

Cum With Me 4:00
Please Be Mine (Cum With Me Remix) 4:01
Cum With Me (Instrumental) 6:10