Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ephee Cohen: All I Want To Do Is Love (Ephee's Records International Inc., 1994)

Finally adding to my male artists, here is another gem that I stumbled across that nobody else has and hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. The album is split into two parts sung in both English and Hebrew but the music is straight up 90s New Jack Swing/quiet-storm R&B in the fashion of New Edition, Bobby Brown and other artists like them. All tracks were self-written and produced by the artist himself and mostly came out sounding very polished and professional. Sadly I know nothing about him but he later released a further single under another alias where he appeared to abandon his traditional Jewish look in favor of a more pop culture appearance and name.

There are 6 songs in total sung in English. Just remember you heard it here first.

Do She Love Ya Do She Care 5:25
Dry Your Eyes 4:13
All I Want To Do Is Love 5:18
Don't Try'n Play Me 4:02
Human 3:44
I Can't Live Without You Girl 4:33