Monday, October 10, 2016

Dazee: S/T (EP) (Break Records, 1997)

Super obscure EP from who I believe is Daisy 'Dazee' Love, a sweet-voiced yet powerful Detroit singer who is still quite active in the local R&B scene. Following this EP, which is two parts smooth R&B and believe it or not 90s progressive house (tracks 3 & 4), she was briefly one fourth of a gospel/R&B quartet called Deite but I don't think they ever released anything. Most recently she has appeared on the song Make It Rain by Detroit musician Darold Gholston.

Major props once again to Stuaaart for coppin' this rarity on CD for us ;-)

Change Your Mind 3:48
Can We Start Over 4:53
Look What You've Done 6:48
I Can't Understand 5:35